G & T Show 168 – Awkward Silences

G & T Show 168 – Awkward Silences

rp_gandtshowapp1-150x150.jpgG & T Show 168 – Awkward Silences is now available for downloading. Check it out here. This week Nick, Terry, and Mike are back and recovering from their Thanksgiving gluttony. During the first few minutes of the show, Terry experienced some technical difficulties with her internet connection, and the guys try to carry on without her. When she returns with the issues worked out, we discuss Star Trek News, Star Trek Online News, a new Ask Dayton, and STLV News. We even throw in a discussion of Kira and Deep Space Nine at the end of the show. Don’t miss it.

We start off the show with our introductions before jumping right into this morning’s Coffee Clatch. We start off discussing our respective Thanksgivings. Terry made chilli and watched football and made a turkey loaf the next day. For Mike, the festivities were at Mike’s brother’s house which was a bit crowded. Nick spent the holiday with the Medding girls and their new doggy. Then, they talk about all of the stuff that came out after the holiday, including some new trailers for Jurassic World and Star Wars Episode VII. There was even a rumor that Episode VII’s rumor was going to come out during one of the football games, but it turned out to be true. The Jurassic World trailer did come out.

Speaking of Chris Pratt in Jurassic World, Nick points out that Chris also appeared in Zero Dark Thirty. Mike admits that when he saw Chris Pratt in the trailer what came to his mind was “Look there’s Star Lord! Where’s Groot?”. Terry mentions a meme she saw with Chris Pratt running around asking “Didn’t you watch the first movie?” Mike suspects that the film is not going to end well.

The conversation shifts to the Star Wars trailer. Nick loved the nod to Spaceballs. Nick loves the visuals of the trailer and enjoyed the X-Wings skimming over the water. It grabbed Mike’s attention. The light saber didn’t bother Nick, but points out that website have been created about that light saber. The new droid is what bothered Nick the most. While Mike explained how the droid could work to Nick, Terry’s internet connection died on her. Returning to the light saber, Mike mentions that Darth Maul’s light saber from Episode I came to mind and expected the hilts to be removable throwing knives. It prompts Nick to ask about Klingon throwing stars.


Mike explains how the Qutluch, the Assassin’s dagger is a throwing knife but also a dishonorable weapon because it doesn’t allow for the honorable warrior to look his opponent in the eye as he dies. They talk about that for a few minutes as well as the idea of Klingon snipers. Nick asks about Klingons‘ heavily armed starships. Mike answers that an honorable warrior would seek to disable the ship in order to board it and continue the battle in hand-to-hand combat.

Terry returns, but is still experiencing technical difficulties. They vamp for a bit while waiting for her. Hippie John from the chat room asks Nick about Constantine. They talk about the show for a bit. Mike keeps watching it, week after week. Its dark and there are plenty of other similar shows out there with Supernatural and Grimm to name a couple of them that are not as dark. Nick is displeased that NBC isn’t portraying him as he was intended — a chain smoking bisexual. Terry chimes in that she’s on the phone with Comcast before returning to show to talk about Constantine. However, a Klingon assassin took her out once more.

Mike doesn’t watch it live. DVR, On-Demand, and Hulu are his friends. Nick changes the subject to a new podcast he’s discovered called Serial about the murder of a teenage girl in Baltimore and the boyfriend that went to jail for the crime based on weak evidence. Mike wants to push forward with the show. Terry returns.

Nick decides to get something off his chest. He mentions a woman he encountered at the mall lecturing people for eating meat, while smoking. He was at Hot Topic picking up Christmas gifts for the teenagers in his life, when a couple of people were talking about “How Rock and Roll Kurt Kobaine’s suicide was.” Nick told them that putting a shotgun in your mouth is not rock and roll, but marrying Courtney Love certainly was. He proceeds to tell them that the deaths of so many other people due to drugs was more rock and roll. However, the thing that got him the most dealt with Seattle’s pardoning of a Tofurky. Mike and Terry don’t get it, since the very act of pardoning a turkey is pro-vegan. Mike said if you’re going to pardon something, why not pardon a turducken? They compare the intelligence behind that decision to people that decide to burn their town over their displeasure. It was pointed out that people burn down their towns over their victories as well.

Terry talks about her Internet troubles for a few minutes and her appreciation for Comcast. She even upgraded her connection. Getting back on track, Terry finally moves into Star Trek News. We start it off by announcing that it was fifty years ago that the filming began on The Cage, Star Trek’s original pilot. The Fiftieth Anniversary has officially began. Nick takes a moment to pimp The Green Girl, a documentary by George Papi about Susan Oliver. Nick goes on to mention that the Grumpy Cat movie is coming out tonight. In the world of Science, a new Star Trek-like shield that protects the Earth has been discovered. Terry reveals that Klingon Bloodwine is now an actual product and is produced by a winery in California. The Star Trek Pop-Up book we discussed last week is now available in the UK.

Terry tells us that she will be in New York on Wednesday and won’t be attending an upcoming interview we have planned with a couple of Star Trek Authors. Getting back on track, we discuss the new TNG Pop! vinyls. Nick is upset that there isn’t a Romulan in the bunch. Terry points out that Crusher is also missing from this line. Mike is pleased that there are two Klingons: Worf and another Klingon he has subsequently named Kurn since it’s ridge pattern matches that of the House of Mogh. They are hoping that they will be eventually do Deep Space Nine and eventually Enterprise and include Shran. They talk about the current line for a few minutes. Mike got the Klingons and Terry picked up the Riker and considered getting a Picard.

Terry moves us to game news with the announcement that Star Trek: Alien Domain has entered Closed Beta and should be released soon. Its an Realtime Strategy Game coming to your browser. Terry downloaded a new free update for Star Trek: Trexels. Mike is disappointed that its still for iOS only. After some digging, he discovered that an Android version is supposed to be out sometime this year.

We move into Star Trek Online. Terry got the Pathfinder. STO had a Zen sale followed by a Ferengi Sale with everything in the store on sale, so Terry grabbed the ship and really likes it. Mike has finished the Delta Rising story missions and overall, he has enjoyed it. But there were moments, that he wasn’t pleased with. He goes on to describe a theory that some of the choices made throughout the series have an actual impact on the events that take place in the series’ final climatic episode. He’s spoken to a few people and hasn’t been able to confirm it, but they also believe so. Terry is now at level 55 and has gained access to another transporter site on Kobali Prime. Sunseahl in the chatroom asks why the EMH Mk1 only a nurse. Mike offers a retcon explanation. Terry tells us about a mission she has played this week and the liberated Borg engineer. His voice was driving her crazy. Mike knows what she means and believes that the same guy is doing voice overs for all of the male roles in that particular episode and has tried to hide it with accents. They talk about that for a bit. Mike talks about the slow progression in getting Specialization Points after the content has been completed, due in part to the fact that Advanced Queues are nearly impossible to complete without a failed state, thereby reducing the amount of experience earned for the effort. He is hoping that either the Advanced Queues get reworked or the items required for the Reputation system becomes available on Normal. Terry is frustrated with the new queue system as well.

We received an Ask Dayton and move on to this week’s Ask Dayton question and answer. The response is titled Giving Thanks for Sweat Pants. You can relive his response in text format on our website. They thank Dayton for his participation in this weeks show. They spend a few minutes talking about his response, the link he provided, which can be found below, and more of our Thanksgiving experiences before we spin out into praise of Jimmy Fallon. They talk about their dogs for a few minutes.

They move into announcements. The G & T Show test site is up and still under construction. He reminds everyone that our fundraiser is still ongoing. A sizeable donation was made that will allow them to pick up most of the plugins they need. They thank their donors. Terry praises Mike for his work on the site. Mike explains that once all of the plugins have been purchased, they will be turning their sites to the subscription services they require including database and file back up services as well as obtaining various metrics services. Janet wanted Mike to point everyone to the Patreon link on our site that allows fans and listeners to donate monthly to the show. It is currently only available on the new site. He goes on to talk about Gates of Sto’vo’kor’s Messages From The Outback is out now and that Gorn of A Different Color will be out next week on Starfinder’s website. Finally, he goes on to say that he has in his hands not one, but two copies of Warrior Woman by Jen Usellis from the Klingon Pop Warrior Music Project and that they will be devising some new contest in order to give them away.

Terry will not be here next week. She will be in New York on business. Nick refers to the Gigi Edgley’s Kickstarter for Hashtag is ongoing and attributes its success to our participation. Mike chimes in again. He thanks and congratulates Jespah for her efforts on managing their social media presence. G & T Show is currently sitting at 190 likes and she wants them to hit 200. So, give them a like. Also, he also congratulates her for recently becoming gainfully employed as an SEO social media professional and hopes that she will not abandon them. All of her efforts have been on a volunteer basis. Terry finishes off the show with a quick announcement regarding Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Las Vegas Convention.

As we wind up the show, Nick mentions that Janice is watching Deep Space Nine. they spend a few minutes discussing it and how some of the characters evolved from season one and their progression towards season seven. Don’t miss this week’s show. It’s well worth the listen.

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