G & T Show 192 – G & T Assemble

G & T Show 192 – G&T Assemble

G & T Show 192 - G&T AssembleG & T Show 192 – G & T Assembleis now available to download. Check it out here. This week the whole gang is back together and they discuss the latest Star Trek News, Marvel news, Book News, STLV Updates, Star Trek Gaming News, and with Nick’s return, lots and lots of squirrels! You don’t want to miss it.

This week Terry has returned and once again kicks of the show. Terry is glad to be back and thanks everyone for keeping the show going in her absence. Terry says that her trip was awesome and spends a little time telling us about her 14-day transatlantic cruise. She tell us about the great weather they had and the calm ocean that enabled them to see sperm whales, turtles and manta rays. Terry and Allen spent spent 5 hours in Paris; a day in Belgium for Beer tasting, where she caught a cold; and finally Amsterdam for V-E and Freedom Days, where she met up with friends. After she returned from her cruise and recovered from her cold, Terry had to leave again for a business trip.

Jespah and Soriedem fill Terry in on some of the changes they’ve made to the studio, including the shark tank that’s there in-case Steve becomes troublesome! Next Tuesday is when the laser beams will be installed on the sharks.
Mike tells us that he had an awesome time staying at Terry’s for 5 weeks. He says that it’s nice getting home and spending time with the family and he missed his dog, Charlie (and Charlie missed him). He also mentions that it is nice sleeping in his own bed – something Terry identified with, since she spent 11 hours in bed last night!

The entire crew of the G & T Show are finally together on air when Nick (Gettysburg7) joins in the conversation. He has some mic issues caused by the wind. Nick is joining us from Fort McCoy, Wisconsin – that’s right folks it is no longer an “undisclosed location” as listener Brett won the competition to guess where he was. Nick clarifies the difference between a camp and a fort, since someone had previously and incorrectly guessed Camp McCoy.

Nick watched Mad Max. Initially, he thought, he should have watched Avengers 2 again, but thought it was spectacularly filmed. Nick tells us more about the film and asks if anyone has seen it or plans to. They do not. Nick continues to talk about the film and goes through the film’s storyline — SPOILER ALERT! Nick says it is very much like Alien. It keeps ramping up as it goes. In between movie talk, there are squirrels on the weather before Mike asks Jespah how she is and asks her about her grades. Her perfect grade-point average remains intact. Nick tells us he’s going to see The Who and is pleased that they will be playing so many of their songs. Nick was surprised to learn that the redhead from the Mad Max film is actually Elvis Presley’s granddaughter. Mike then tries to bring the show back on topic by asking Steve about his week. Unfortunately, Steve has been suffering with allergies and is in a lot of pain… so much so, Nick is nice to him!

In Star Trek News, Mike tell us about a new Kickstarter from Five Year Mission for an album filled with songs about Spock’s Brain. For those who did not know Five Year Mission allows the G&T Show to use their music – they rock! Nick asks Terry what she thought about Avengers 2 and the outrage that has erupted surrounding Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and kids. This discussion leads them into the Agents of Shield finale and the Dare Devil series on Netflix before Mike steers us back to Star Trek by finishing his discussion on the Five Year Mission Kickstarter. While Mike searches for a link to another Kickstarter project, Terry tells us that she has received her Kickstarter perks from Star Trek: Farragut. Mike tells us he received some Kickstarter perks from the 4 Years War book series. The other Kickstarter, we talk about is the Star Trek: Captain Pike Kickstarter for the 45 minute film that preludes an upcoming feature film.

We then move on to Star Trek Movie News where Terry asks us about the title of the next Star Trek film. Star Trek Beyond, which once again is without colons! Terry brought up an article from the Washington Post that mentions Simon Pegg talking about how the film nearly was a Scotty film. The “Beyond” in the title gets us talking about the Madness song “One Step Beyond” and the TV series “Above and Beyond” before Terry reads an article about the different names that it could have had!

For Book News, Terry tells us about Star Trek: Voyager: Atonement by Kirsten Beyer. This is a really big book and is due out at the end of August in paperback. You can pre-order it here.

[amazon template=thumbnail&asin=1476790817]

We then move back to Star Trek News as we talk about an article on StarTrek.com about Leonard Nimoy’s last stint as Spock in the new Star Trek movies. Terry then throws a link into chat with a whole load of new products that are now available to buy.

We swiftly move on to an STLV update and quickly go through all the new stars attending the convention. There are now 99 stars planning to attend the convention this year. Nick is still very happy to have Kipleigh Brown at the G & T Show booth. Nick asks Terry about her thoughts on the passing of Grace Lee Whitney. They discuss it briefly. Then, Terry asks who do we think the 100th attendee will be. Mike thinks it will be someone from the new films. Nick wants it to be Chris Pine.

Next, we move on to Star Trek Online News and discuss the “Pearl Rage” that has hit the STO forums and social media. But before we get into it, Nick mentions the recent passing of BB King. Returning to Pearl Rage, the controversy involves STO Summer Event and the retirement of the old rewards and ships. Steve clarifies what is happening. If you’ve started a project for one of the old ships last year you will be able to complete it this year. If you have not slotted the project, you won’t be able to do so this year. Also, they are changing the pearls awarded in this year’s events and new ship projects will not accept last year’s pearls. Instead, last year’s pearls can be spent in the buy back store to purchase specialization points, XP and new ship emotes. The ship emotes will eventually hit the GPL store. Also, they have made all event rewards, including current and past ships will be account wide unlocks in light of the recent Delta recruit event. The favors that can be sold on the exchange are staying and you can get items from the buy back store already even though the summer event has not yet started. Steve also thinks that extra pearls earned this year after getting the ship might be redeemable in the same way the old pearls now are for specializations points and XP. The general feeling from the cast is that there is nothing wrong with what STO is doing.

Nick sees a picture of one of the ship emotes – he thinks they’re stupid, but Steve likes them. Terry says they are no different than seeing local chat over your ship at the moment. Steve also says that many players under level 60 are angry that they cannot buy the specialization points.

Moving on to other STO related news, Terry says that she has enjoyed being back in game and that she loves the new featured episodes starring Robert Duncan McNeil as Tom Paris. Steve says it would have been nice to have a part of the storyline that had Tom and Harry together again. Mike still wants to know where is B’Elanna!

Mike then brings up that Star Trek Timelines has added Deep Space Nine as a new location. Terry likes that the new games are different than STO, so you don’t have to fight over which one you’d be playing. Mike is also very sad that the Family Guy Star Trek event that he’d been participating is over as he found it a lot of fun. Terry has a final question on Star Trek Online and asks if anyone had gotten the new pilot ships and what we thought about them. Mike and Steve both have purchased them and thinks they are awesome. Now Terry has to get them! Terry adds that we need to lower the flag to half mast for the Preservers. Steve has one final thing to say about the Summer Event. Any projects not completed at the end of this years event will automatically be removed and there is no mention yet if players will be refunded in some way for any progress that has been added to cancelled events. Steve suggests not spending any pearls until you have the 1000 required for the project so at the very least you may be able to use them in a store.

Nick brings up the 24 hours of G & T in October and says that he and Jespah will be reading selections from The Beaver Papers. Mike brings up the contests. He has the prizes and will be sending them out soon and shall contact the winners for the #WhyIGnT contest. Terry thanks everyone for their participation and reminds people that they still have a chance to win a copy of Star Trek: The Next Generation: Takedown novel autographed by John Jackson Miller. To win, you need to be the first person that identifies Terry’s favorite scene in Star Trek: Titan: Absent Enemies and email the answer to [email protected] They drop the hint that it is not the scene where Riker throws the chair. The contest for a Star Trek celebrity to say they never listen to the G&T Show is still open for a chance to win Star Trek: Catan. Mike announces that in the near future there will be another contest featuring a Five Year Mission prize.

Jespah talks about the 12 Trials of Triskelion over at AdAstra Fanfic.net that has started. They are hosting several Star Trek writing challenges set over the 12 weeks of the summer. Everyone is welcome to write, read or review. The first week is Flash Fiction, where participants need to post 300 word stories each day of the week. Jespah has written about the time traveller Daniels and how he is bedding interesting women throughout time as a sort of release. Go and have a read. Mike finishes off thanking Jespah and Steve for their help recently in Nick and Terry’s absence.


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Steve Roberts

Steve Roberts (AKA MidNite Shadow) is the audio engineer and one of the hosts of the G&T Show's Book of the Celestial Template Book Club. Steve will also, on occasion, guest host on the main G&T Show. In real life Steve works full time in IT providing desktop support, creating web sites, databases and anything else that that needs an IT solution! In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading Star Trek novels, playing Star Trek Online, podcasting, audio editing and watching science fiction.

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  1. After all the crap about pearls, why is Cryptic solely basing their metrics of the “success” of the Summmer Event on people getting the ship? Isn’t there a ton of other things to do on Risa? Birds for Marks? Clothes? Hoverboards? Jetpacks? Whatever new they come up with? Why is it that it’s /only/ the ship that makes or break these events?

    As for the “specialization points” Why /not/ allow people like Nick or myself who’ve put so much time into the game and suddenly can’t even reach level 60 finally gain those levels because we put in 200 semi-yearly event tokens? it /would/ get more people into the event like they say they want.

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