G & T Show 203 – Chasing Butterflies

G & T Show 203 – Chasing Butterflies

G & T Show 203 – Chasing ButterfliesG & T Show 203 – Chasing Butterflies is now available to download. Check it out here. This week Nick, Terry, and Mike have returned for an all-new episode. They discuss the latest happenings in and around the Star Trek universe including General News, the latest photos from the new film in Movie News, Product News offers some cool stuff to buy, Star Trek you can play in Gaming News, and the newest information coming out about various Fan and Unofficial Productions. There’s a lot of to talk about, don’t miss this week’s show.

They jump straight into this week’s introductions. Mike has been experiencing some unique computer problems. They thank Steve and Janet for continuing to help out with some of Mike’s regular duties on the site while he tries to get these issues resolved. Nick has been watching Law and Order and is looking forward to football season. Mike has also been working on some stuff for the show offline, including a set of new bumpers, recorded by Mike’s niece, Katie. Nick’s first week of work has been brutal, but didn’t go to work on Friday as he relapsed with the con crud. They talk about the con crud briefly and clarify that the Rio is not responsible for their illness. Nick sends a shout out to his high school friend, Mandy.

Terry takes them into this week’s Star Trek News. She begins with the passing of Yvonne Craig at the age of 78. She played Batgirl and an Orion on Star Trek. Terry loved her for being the first female superhero. They start off talking about Yvonne Craig and end up discussing Anthology shows, independent television showing syndication, who shot J.R., 80’s mini-series, and Chrome’s ‘He’s Dead, Jim.’ Error message. Returning to Star Trek News, Terry talks about Anthony Rotolo, who is launching a new free Star Trek class at Syracuse University.

Terry passes some technology news to Mike to talk about a new type of home elevator that is designed to replace stair lifts that doesn’t use the standard motors, pulleys, and cables. Nick rages over one of the trolls that commented on the article Mike spoke about. Mike mentions a video he saw this week from a comedienne that talked about how trolls and hyper-sensitivity to being offended will hurt comedy when it tries to be too P.C. Nick talks about Emo Philips.

Terry talks about the complete Remastered Star Trek TNG series is now available on Netflix. Mike asks if it includes the two hour movie-like versions of the two-part episodes. Terry thought that those episodes were weird and uses Best of Both Worlds to talk about how the impact of the cliff-hanger was lost when they did that. She’ll check them out and end up buying the rest of the series on Blu-Ray. Terry mentions the blog post on the possibility of a DS9 remastering. Mike talks about how the author did some research and contacted the people behind the CG effects on the series and discovered that they still possessed a lot of the original CG work, which had been created at resolutions greater than SD. They even rendered the same standard definition models into HD and the Nebula model they used looked even greater. Terry explains that she could be an example of what happened with the poor sales of the remastered TNG series. She had bought the first three seasons, but decided to wait for the complete series to be finished and released. Nick would love to see ‘Move Along Home’ in HD. The author concludes by saying that a DS9 remastering would not be as expensive as TNG’s remastering because a lot of the effects work is already complete and would carry over well into HD formats. G & T unanimously agrees that DS9 needs to be remastered.

Nick pitches and fucks up his spiel about their upcoming Doug Drexler interview. Terry talks about some of the highlights of the interview, especially the importance of staying relevant in an evolving field. Mike mentions that Make-Up, Art, and CG are now often combined to create realistic effects in film and television. Nick takes a moment to praise Janice for her coverage of Shore Leave. They had received a lot of compliments and feedback for her work.

Moving onto Star Trek Product News, Terry talks about the new board game coming out from WizKids: Star Trek: Frontiers. She reads the Star Trek.com article that describes the game. Nick sends a message to Star Trek Online about what they will be talking about in detail a little later. Continuing with Star Trek Products, Terry talks about the Live Long And Prosper Car Decal. She also mentioned the TNG Aprons and Romulan Ale Pint Glasses are available on ThinkGeek. She starts talking about the Bluetooth TOS communicator, when Nick mentions the TOS communicator Garage door opener and the TOS Phaser television universal remote control that were for sale in the booth next to us at STLV. Terry mentions the different bags they had at the con, including the Enterprise Messenger bag and the Tricorder Accessory bag. Terry continues with Star Trek products on Star Trek.com’s store to mention the DS9 frisbee. She mentioned her TNG hoodie and her Picardigan. Nick sends a shout out to Women At Warp. Terry sends one out to Jen Usellis.

Terry talks about the benefit performance featuring Michael Giachino’s music from Star Trek Into Darkness will be held on September 27th at 4pm at the UCLA’s Royce Hall. Tickets are only $15 now and $20 at the door.

Nick moves them into Movie News by asking what his cohosts thought about the new uniforms. Terry loves them and has not seen any that she didn’t like. Nick has a small criticism about their color choice. They discuss the uniforms. They talk about the alien as seen in the released photos. Nick wonders how they could have evolved so fast. Terry trolled people by calling them JJ’s Aenar. Terry hopes it’s the species first seen in Into Darkness. Mike mentions the new uniform tunics that Scotty is wearing in the upcoming film. Mike offers a possible explanation by referring to Friday’s Child, because of Kirk’s and the Enterprise’s interference in their culture, Starfleet returned to the planet, bringing them into the Federation and accelerating their development. What they are, however, remains to be seen. Terry is excited to see the new film.Terry mentions the OMAZE fundraiser attached to the new film.

Mike mentions the new video that came out with Elba and Pine fighting over the Captain’s chair. Nick talks about the actors and how they enjoy hanging out with each other. Terry mentions the video that came out of D23 with Chris Evans and Anthony Mackey being interviewed when Chris Pine walks by. Evans comments on Pine and even compliments his eyes.

Terry sends J.K. Woodward, artist and comic book artist, a big thank you for the piece she commissioned at Las Vegas of a full figured Riker. Terry loves the piece. She mentions Bye Bye Robot and the artwork they produce. She even bought a new Voyager piece from them at STLV. Mike said, he even picked up a new piece from Bye Bye Robot of the scene from The Search for Spock.

Mike moves them into all of the news coming out this week in regards to Fan and Unofficial Productions. He starts off with a new Kickstarter for Minimal Trek, which is an artist’s minimalist take on Star Trek TOS posters. The artist has already hit his initial goal of $2,000. Next, Mike talks about Renegades. They not only released to backers their video, but plan to release the film publicly to YouTube on Thursday. Also, they officially announced their plans to produce two more episodes of their series. Terry talks about the Renegades board game that they had seen at STLV. She wondered if they are planning to take the show out of the Star Trek Universe. Renegades admitted that they had shown the film to CBS, and they have no intentions picking it up as a series. However, it’s not going to stop them from producing more episodes. They do it because they love the project, not because they believe it will be the next Star Trek series. Terry thinks it’s freeing for them, because it allows them to focus on story. Mike is concerned about the cost of the next two episodes, because the first film was expensive. Terry reminds us that they had to pay a lot of people to construct sets, for CG, and other expenses involved in a professional quality Star Trek series.

Nick mentions that they are a long way from those days when people hung sheets in their basements to film their own fan films. They even loved those stories. It reminded Mike of another project he has recently heard about and is looking forward to seeing that is a low budget fan production that will be launching a Kickstarter in the coming weeks to produce their film. It was originally called Voyager Continues, but based on feedback, they have changed the title of the film to the Janeway Chronicles and will feature a young science officer Kathryn Janeway that will eventually become the Janeway we saw on Voyager. There may be some crossover with characters from Voyager, but the details on the story are still sketchy. They discuss it.

Nick mentions a series of first officers and captains (excluding Archer, Tucker, and T’Pol because we already saw a lot of their background during the series), and asks which of those characters. Terry would love to see Kira during the Occupation. Mike’s first instinct was Sisko, but then, decided on Chakotay and what drove him to the Maquis. Nick would like to see Kirk on the Potemkin.

They talk a little more on the Janeway Chronicles before Mike moves them forward to the next bit of news coming out of Unofficial Productions. Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti has picked up a role and will be making an appearance in Axanar. They congratulate her and Axanar.

Next, Mike is sadden by the news that Star Trek: Futures, a fan production he was looking forward to, has decided to close their doors. The production never made it up to a Kickstarter, but they had developed quite a bit of content for it. He shares his thoughts on what the film would have been like. A farewell blog was posted on the site, discussing their decision and mentions the personal and financial reasons behind it as well as the bickering and divisiveness that was starting to permeate the Star Trek fan communities.

They, once again, talk about this unbecoming behavior of a few ‘fans’. Terry reiterates her earlier point about fan productions should be doing it for the love of the project and not because they seek to be the next Star Trek. She also suggests that anyone creating a fan production grow a thick skin because trolls can be cruel. Nick suggests ignoring message boards. They also shouldn’t compare themselves to other fan productions. They need to focus on their own thing and love it for what it is and what they can do with it. He uses Dayton Ward and David Mack as an example. They are each working on their own stories, not comparing themselves to each other, and are actually supportive of each other’s work. That’s the way it should be. Everyone can learn from their examples. Star Trek Futures may return one day. Terry mentions some of the challenges that people creating fan productions may face in their personal relationships and financial situations.

G & T praises Star Trek: Farragut and Star Trek: Phase II / New Voyages for being some of the originators of the current high quality fan productions that we are seeing today. Fan productions have been around for nearly as long as Star Trek has, created by fans in their backyards with cameras. Nick wonders if there are any Star Wars fan productions. He doesn’t know about it, since he doesn’t go looking for them. Terry said, she has seen some with her husband. With Star Wars, they don’t really deal with story as much as they do with elaborate fight scenes. Nick thinks they have such a rich universe, there is a lot to play around with. Terry wants to speak with Simon Pegg, who is involved with the Star Wars fan production communities. Nick wants to speak with John Jackson Miller. Mike mentions the Star Wars kid. Nick shares the background on the story. Mike explains that the Star Wars fan communities probably have the same issues as Star Trek fan communities. Any time you have a group of passionate people together, many of these issues arise.

Mike got an update on Star Trek: Horizons. Out of 174 scenes, 150 of them are done. Tommy Kraft is the one man team behind the production. He revealed in his recent update that his sound designer has left the project and he is now seeking a new person to help design the sound for his film. Contact him through Star Trek: Horizon’s website, or through Facebook, if you are interested in helping out with the production.

Finally, Mike talks about the Kickstarter for a new fan production called Pacific 201, which he believes Nick will enjoy. Mike talks about the project. The gentleman behind the project is looking to create one of the most realistic takes on Star Trek. The scenes and space shots are some of the most amazing and beautifully realistic shots that he has seen. He shares a little bit about the story that he knows about. Nick loves some of the things that they are doing with the project. Terry mentions that G & T Show is not recommending or supporting any specific fan production. They support all of them and strive to remain neutral in their reporting on these various projects. Individually, they may support or recommend them. Nick’s interest in this one is piqued. They have 28 days to go and have raised a quarter of their initial goal of $20k. Terry gives the Kickstarter caveat – only donate what you can afford to lose, because there is no sure thing with any of these productions.

They move on to Star Trek Online. Nick has been playing STO since he got home and is current through the story. He gives us his impressions on the story and some of the specific stories. He praises Nog, Jeri Ryan, and Ethan Philips, and yelled at Kim. Terry gives a spoiler alert. They talk about Butterfly. He sends a personal message to Kate Bankson for once again giving the Romulans the short end of the stick. If you want to hear their thoughts and don’t mind the spoilers, feel free to check out the rest of the discussion.

They start wrapping things up with this week’s announcements. The G & T Show needs help with some research. They have compiled a couple of surveys for TOS and TNG and are asking their listeners to rank their favorite episodes. If you are going to participate in the survey, please give yourself ample time to complete it, since the TNG survey is rather lengthy. The more data collected, the more accurate the results can be. And, please answer honestly. No trolling or multiple entries please. DS9 and Voyager surveys are planned in the near future and your assistance with them as well will be greatly appreciated.

Mike talks about the Karaoke contest that is currently underway. Entries are to be sent to [email protected], tweeted at @SundayGandT, or posted on Facebook to The G & T Show. Winners will be selected by the G & T Show crew as well as Five Year Mission and will receive a signed discography of all five of Five Year Mission’s CDs.

Nick mentioned the Fark meme that’s going around: Fark Is Unimpressed. Some of Fark’s fans have turned a picture of him from a photo shoot they did at STLV on the TOS bridge into a meme. Fark Is Unimpressed has shown up at the Last Supper, Crossing the Delaware, in various paintings, at the Ali / Frazier fight, on various game shows, and a variety of other places. These are great and have to be seen to be fully appreciated. This prompts them to also mention the interview they recorded at STLV with Fark. Mike was uncomfortable during the first few minutes, eavesdropping on Terry and Fark flirting with one another.

They send a quick shout out to Star Trek: Timelines. They didn’t see any news coming out of Timelines this week. Terry will not be here on Labor Day weekend. Mike and Nick may or may not find a guest to cohost with them. And, with that, they conclude this week’s show.

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