G & T Show 226 – Big Ass Space Bugle of Death

G & T Show 226 – Big Ass Space Bugle of Death

The G & T Show Big Ass Space Bugle of Death

The G & T Show – it’s all about story, characters, and Star Trek

G & T Show 226 – Big Ass Space Bugle of Death is now available to download. Check it out here. Nick, Terry, Mike, and Janet have returned for a new episode to discuss the latest news in and around the Star Trek multi-verse. This week, they discuss Television, Book, Product, and Convention News. Unofficial Productions features a lot more than just the latest happenings in and around the Axanar lawsuit but also includes Star Trek: Horizon, Drunken Star Trek, and more. Plus, they discuss DS9’s Homefront and TOS’s The Doomsday Machine for this week’s 50 For 50. Don’t miss out on the fun.

After this week’s introductions, they jump right in with their Coffee Klatch. Janet has been doing legal research, doing school work, working, and doing some writing including: papers, a jump start on this year’s NaNoWriMo, and a couple of blogs for The G & T Show — out later this week — analyzing Axanar’s Motion to Dismiss. Mike has almost reached 100% completion on LEGO Marvel’s Avengers game, has also been editing Janet’s story, trying to make sense of the stuff they’ll be discussing later, and searching for an escaped Unicorn that escaped from a children’s party near where he lives. Nick has been trying to keep his boss from having a nervous breakdown as they prepared for a big briefing on Friday. Besides working, most of Terry’s week will be discussed later in the show. She does mention that for her this week has flown by and she can’t believe they’re doing another show already.

After an impromptu discussion of where to begin, they decide to start with the most important stuff first. They start off with this week’s Television News. The big news that surprised everybody was that Nicholas Meyer has joined the writing and production team for the new Star Trek television show. They go over some of Meyer’s credits, including his role as writer and director for Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Most of the response about this news has been positive, although Terry admits to seeing a couple of negative detractors. Two of his movies makes their top three. Mike states that Fuller is putting together the Avengers of Star Trek for his production’s dream team. Janet states that these people are all knowledgeable in the Prime Universe but it does not discount that it won’t be JJ-verse-centric. Mike asks if everyone has heard the gossip flying around about Tony Todd stating that he’s on the “short list” of actors slated to appear in the new series. They discuss the rumor and where it came from. If it turns out to be true, Terry would like to see him play a human and not have to put on a lot of make-up for his role. Nick returns to the Nicholas Meyer discussion with his screen credits including the tv movie The Day After. His most recent credits include Houdini and others. Mike thinks he may have a hand in establishing the series’ foundation. Nick wants to interview Nicholas Meyer for the show, especially after reading his autobiography A View From The Bridge. Meyer understands characters and stories and is able to do great things with small budgets because of it. They are all very excited to see the new series.

They move onto Unofficial Productions next. While Janet steps away momentarily to prepare for the discussion of Axanar, they quickly run through some of the other news that came out this week for Unofficial Productions, starting with Tommy Kraft’s Star Trek: Horizon, which debuted this week. Terry talks about the film and praises Tommy for his work. Mike mentions that Tommy appeared on local television. Mike provides some interesting facts about the production, such as it took four years to develop, it features local professional actors, and was shot in his parent’s basement. They are going to speaking with Tommy later this week.

The latest episode of Drunken Star Trek has also been released. While Nick and Mike have a slap fight, Terry talks about the episode telling the story of Darmok. She even coins a new word in the process. They highly recommend everyone check out Drunken Star Trek’s latest episode.

Terry talks about Jonathan Frakes making the news twice this week. The first is for the Antaeus Theater Company’s Kickstarter. Terry talks about the Antaeus Theater Company. The Jonathan Frakes’ tweet like Patrick Stewart’s video uses a Shakespearean insult to challenge people to support their efforts in the same way that the Ice Bucket Challenge brought awareness to ALS. Nick mentions that Mike has become bitter, but they will discuss more of that later. In other Jonathan Frakes news, he has been cast as the voice of Star Lord’s father in Disney’s Guardians of the Galaxy animated series. This show and Frakes role is different than one that will be seen in the next Guardians of the Galaxy film, which will be played by Kurt Russell.

The Cal Tech Theater is putting on Star Trek Musical. There’s still a few more days left in their run. Mike talks about it briefly before Terry asks Mike about the Sci Fi Soul Kickstarter link that he had provided. He explains that the historic Avalon Regal Theater in Chicago is holding a kickstarter to restore, renovate, and upgrade their facilities. One of the innovative editions they hope to add is holographic technologies that would allow new and old fans to experience performances from iconic stars. The theater is beautiful and Terry talks about it and how deserving of restoration it is. They are trying to raise 150k and they have only raised $1000. Mike looks deeply and finds a Star Trek angle linking it back to Voyager’s Holodeck.

They turn their attention to Axanar. Axanar has filed their response, which was a Motion to Dismiss. Janet goes through the six points comprising their argument for dismissal and addresses each one as she goes along. She prefaces it by describing how she was taught to write a motion, which should start with their most convincing argument. It’s the same idea for journalists and other professions. She describes it as a delaying tactic, even if they win the motion to dismiss, CBS/Paramount will still be able to refile the lawsuit after amending the complaint. The first point was asking for specifics as to what exactly was infringed. The second point pertains to who owns what? Nick reminds everyone of Janet’s background as a retired (in good standing) lawyer. The third point is about information and belief, which is easily remedied through discovery. The next group of arguments include first that the claim is premature because the film isn’t finished yet. She talks about the script and the Vulcan scene that have been completed. The next item was about prior restraint. She thinks its a wacky defense because they use the Pentagon Papers case as a point in their defense. They discuss the Pentagon Papers, what it means, and how it doesn’t apply in this case. The final point was in regards to CBS and Paramount failed to allege violation of their rights with their fan film. Janet doesn’t quite doesn’t understand why this argument was included. There will be two blog posts coming out next week. She welcomes questions in the comments section of the articles.

Terry got the impression that they were stating that Axanar didn’t have a finished script as part of their defense. Terry is appalled by that argument, since they had announced that the script was locked several times already. Did they lie to the donors about the script or did they lie to the court? Janet sends a message to donors that if they are concerned about this, they should contact the California State Attorney General and have them look into Axanar. They have a right to get answers to their questions. Donors have been told things to keep them interested, to keep then excited, to keep them quiet, and to keep them giving. Donors are still being asked to give. The court is being told things that are different than what donors have been told and this is something to be concerned about. She reiterates: they have the right to ask questions and have them answered. Mike points out that people, including Steve, have been banned and blocked from the donor site and have been issued a refund on his donation. He clarifies that it only seems to be happening to those that have been deemed troublemakers. Steve is the least prickly person Mike knows. Mike is eagerly awaiting his refund.

Terry points out that CBS doesn’t need to prove that Axanar has mismanaged donations in their complaint. If you have concerns, don’t expect CBS to address them. They talk about how transparent Axanar has been in their attempts to rewrite history, intimidate people, and more. Only donors have the right to sue over donor money. Terry hasn’t seen any evidence that donor money was mismanaged, except that donor money was brought in using Star Trek’s IP (which Alec did not own or have a license to do) in order to create build a studio and possibly a fulfillment company that would continue to exist and make profit for them long after the film is made (if it ever is created). Terry mentions the products they have made and sold to donors in an attempt to continue raising money for their production. Mike points out that they are still buying and selling products on their donor store directly to their donors. In the donor group, an announcement was made that they had just received a new shipment of ships and commented about how they’re wondering how long they will remain in stock.

Nick apologies to Alec for comparing him to Jim Jones. Instead he compares him to Douglas MacArthur. He gives them some military history and explains why he feels that way. Terry doesn’t know what Michael Hinman was referring to when he announced that he will be revealing something big on a podcast tomorrow morning. Nick knows what it is. Nick poses a hypothetical question about someone possibly possessing a copy of the Axanar script, the same one that does not exist according to the Motion to Dismiss. Donors either have been lied to or the court has. Nick goes on to say that Alec and company have praised the script as the greatest Star Trek script ever written and provides an example to the quality of dialog in the script. They even spend a moment improving the line. If you’re a donor and have concerns, they need to ask questions and inform the California State Attorney General. Nick talks about the patches and praises Axanar for the quality of everything they have done on film and in the merchandise they have created. But, they are not complaining about the quality, but rather what they have done.

They talk about $10 donors and $10,000 donors. They are no different. They have the right to ask questions. How a fan film handles money reflects on the fandom as a whole. If donors want their money back, they should be given it. Nick does some math and figures out that the average donation for 8000 people is roughly $137 to $150. Indiegogo and Kickstarter are watching this closely to see what went wrong with this fundraiser. Janet’s blogs will be posted over the next several days. She has tried to keep it simple, but these are long posts since the documents they discuss are even longer. She is open to all questions but it may take some time before she responds.

They move on to some other news. Terry continues with Books News. James Swallow’s book The Latter Fire is now available. Its the first TOS book celebrating the 50th Anniversary. James is a friend of the show and is well-known for his work with the Titan novels. The TOS eNovella Miasma by Greg Cox has also been released this week. You can get them from your favorite bookseller. Next up in Book News are a couple of new comic books coming out IDW. The first is a nu-Trek story and the other is a Star Trek New Visions title.

They move onto Product News, beginning with the new velour Anovos TOS tunics. Mike admits to owning a Velour jumpsuit. The tunics are beautiful and authentic. They run $225, but if you order them before March 15th, you can get one for $180. The next bit of news has Terry excited. Pre-orders are now available for the new updated Star Trek Encyclopedia. This hardcover, two-volume set includes everything up to this point. This volume can be easily updated as more Trek gets released in the future. It goes for $112 right now, but the price will fall as more pre-orders are made. Mike was shocked by the price initially, but he didn’t realize that it was a two volume set. After finding out more, he now thinks it’s actually quite a good deal. Terry talks about using the Encyclopedia when she started writing fan fiction. She uses it in conjunction with Memory Alpha in her writing. They talk about the WizKids Star Trek: Frontiers game and the new large Borg Cube with its Borg Sphere port. Mike thinks that its not a new game, but a new expansion to WizKid’s Attack Wing game. Nick would rather get the Borg fridge and use it for the game. Then, they discuss Duolingo. They are developing a Klingon language training program and will offering the first lesson for free through their app. Terry uses duolingo and looks forward to learning some Klingon with it. They discuss the $7000 replica of the nu-Trek Enterprise being created and sold by Quantum Mechanix. The entire ship is detailed and beautiful, even down to its display stand.

They move onto Convention News. Geek Nation Tours and Five Year Mission teamed up to produce a song about the Star Trek Las Vegas Tour. Check out Take A Ride in the links below. Also, Five Year Mission has released another new song and music video for STLV 2016 called Beaming Down that featured a Shameful Plug from the G & T Show and Mike stating that they will be at STLV. At the end of the video, Five Year Mission reveals that they will be at STLV as this year’s House Band. They are excited to hear this news. The chatroom said that Five Year Mission has a Five Day Mission. They send their congratulations to Geek Nation Tours and Five Year Mission. They talk about their STLV presence. They will have a double wide booth and they are currently in discussion to find out who will be their guests at the con this year.

They move onto this week’s 50 For 50. They watched TOS’s The Doomsday Machine which came in at #28 and at #27 was DS9’s Homefront. After going over how the episode order was determined, they start off with The Doomsday Machine discussion. The Commodore in the episode stole the show and perfectly illustrated the horrors of PTSD. The doomsday machine looks like a giant bugle. Mike points out that the fan film version actually was played by a bugle, even though for the episode they used a plastered wind sock. The episode inspired a fun mission within STO. The episode has some legitimate drama compared to other episodes of TOS. They talk about Spock and McCoy trying to reason with Decker. Nick loved the music in the episode. It punctuated what was going on on the screen and reminds him of the Reliant scene in Wrath of Khan.

They move onto the next episode, DS9’s Homefront. Mike points out that the first episode in an arc tends to do better than the subsequent episode and this presumption holds true. He adds that Paradise Lost wasn’t that much further down the list. Terry runs through the episode synopsis. Nick talks about how prescient DS9 is. He talks about when he first saw the episode and how it was still relevant even years later. This is the first time we meet Sisko’s father on Earth and get to see his restaurant. Nick compares the Changeling threat to Terrorists hiding in within Muslim communities. He wonders how humanity would act if shapeshifters actually arrived on Earth today. The episode also brings the Dominion War home to Earth in a way that the Klingons and Romulans never could do. DS9 has done the more to flesh out the Star Trek Universe than any other series with may be the exception of Enterprise.

Next week’s 50 for 50 episodes are #26 TNG’s s02e16 Q Who? and #25 ENT’s s04e09 Kir’Shara. All three episodes of the ENT Vulcan arc made the top 50. Allen will be coming back on the show with more trivia about the polls. Nick says Janice has watched Barge of the Dead and has said it’s her favorite Voyager episode. They discuss that episode briefly and Ronald D. Moore. Allen tells us that Barge of the Dead came in at #290 in their polls, which surprised them all.

They finish up with Announcements. Janet has an announcement. She reminds everyone to go vote. Mike reminds her about her contest. She wants a tag line for the show. She’s offering an autographed copy of her book: Untrustworthy. She’s looking for a short one line, quote, phrase, or word to represent her in the show’s opening and closing. Send your suggestions to [email protected], post them on our forums, tweet them at us, post them on Facebook, or leave it the comments section for this episode. With that, they conclude this week’s show.

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