G & T Show 41 – The Muppet Mirror Universe

G & T Show 41 – The Muppet Mirror Universe

The G & T Show 41 – The Muppet Mirror Universe is now available for downloading.  Give it a listen here. Nick, Teri, and Mike return this week with an all-new episode. Later, Oliver and Xander drop by the studio, and reknown Star Trek authors James Swallow and Dayton Ward join us in the chat room. They discuss a Star Trek Las Vegas Update, Star Trek 12 News, a new Ask Dayton #26 – Undead Reconing, the Muppets, the Mirror Universe and more.

Nick and Teri are back this week, although Nick started this week’s show with the foul taste of his medication. Mike once again joins them in the studio. Nick calls him the Fred Mertz of the show while someone in the chat room called him their booth babe. Lanny in the chat room called him the O’Brien of the show. Mike liked that. Teri agreed with the sentiment, while Nick protested, referred to him as their Barclay, and called it revenge for last week. They talk about some of the music and sound effects that Mike had added to last week’s episode, especially, the bagpipes that had played in the background when they had discussed everyone that had died.

Moving on, Teri mentions that she’s looking forward to this week’s topic the Mirror Universe. She wasn’t aware that Dayton had submitted a new Ask Dayton this week. Nick says that the question was sent in two weeks ago since he was going to be at StarFest last weekend and had other plans for this weekend. Although, he wanted to join us, Mike is still interested in hearing his thoughts on the subject from last week pertaining to fan fiction and when it crosses over. Teri thinks that it was something that she had said that prompted him to respond. Perhaps he wanted to correct her. She wouldn’t mind being corrected by Dayton. CancerGirl dropped by the chat room.
Teri shares some of the announcements that they have for us this week. Deyvid_KDF informed us that David Mack’s The Music of Star Trek Vanguard will be coming to Trek Radio’s On Demand page early this week and should be available by the time this episode is published. She wasn’t able to listen to it on Monday when it aired, although she really wanted to listen to it. Mike sat through the first hour and a half and is excited to hear the rest of it. Teri thanks Trek Radio for making it available. She asks Nick if he had anything brewing. He responds with a simple no, before mentioning that there will be two episodes of Impressions of Sound this week. The normal Wednesday night show will be on this CerberusFilms Livestream at 9 PM EDT and will have one of their normal themes. Then, on Sunday, May 6th at 9 PM PDT, he will be presenting a Muppet-tastic show.
Teri is excited. While Teri tells us that she just saw the recent Muppets movie, Mike shares that he’s now got the Muppet theme song stuck in his head. They talk about the movie and its music, including Man or Muppet. They talk about the Muppets movie. She thought it was great and totally deserved the nomination for an Oscar. Nick mentions the cameo in that song with Jim Parsons (Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory). She says that it was Geek Nirvana; a great movie for anyone that grew up with the Muppets. Nick says that he saw Jason Segel on the Daily Show. Segel had said that he had written that movie because he wanted his Muppets back, the ones he grew up with.  Teri agrees and says that the Muppets are not unlike Star Trek, in that once its creator was gone; the IP could never go back to what it had once been. She goes on to say that it takes someone like Segel, who understands what it was about, and has the same passion that Jim Henson had about it. Disney tends to water down IPs, but they seem to have someone in charge that has put the creative types back in charge. The fact that Segel was able to create the Muppets movie to bring them back to the life they once had is a huge turn of events. She doesn’t know how it will turn out, but suspects that Marvel has benefited from it. She’s not a fan of Marvel, although, she has enjoyed Iron Man and the other Marvel movies.
Speaking of the Avengers, Nick shares that he had spent the day yesterday (Saturday) watching Marvel movies: including: Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man 2, and Captain America in preparation for the upcoming Avengers movie release on Thursday. Lanny in the chat room said that Whedon is an amazing director. Teri says that he’s one of the few creative geniuses that understand the respect required to properly handle something like the Avengers and the heroes in its membership. He respects the IP. She said that it’s in the same vein of what Segel had done with the Muppets, and regrets that Star Trek couldn’t have had the same experience. Nick regrets that Whedon is now involved with those other projects.
Teri asks Nick if he knows who she would totally trust to bring Star Trek back to television. Nick guesses Jack Wagner, Brannon Braga, and James Cameron before Teri finally reveals that Seth MacFarlane would be her pick. Nick agrees. Teri goes on to say that if she owned Star Trek, she would hand it to Seth MacFarlane and say have fun. Mike chimes in and says that he wouldn’t mind Seth creating an animated Star Trek series. Teri thinks that whatever he did with it, it would be great. Teri believes that in his heart, he really understands the genre and the IP. Nick states that you would have to be crystal clear with him. Teri understands his meaning and references his sick sense of humor. Paul (CaptPFDennis) in the chat room thought she was going to say Berman. After seeing Trek Nation, Nick says that he wouldn’t mind him taking charge of it again. Deyvid_KDF mentioned Ronald D. Moore. Teri says that he’s way past Star Trek now, although it will be fun to listen to him speak at the convention.
Teri moves into the Star Trek Las Vegas Update. She had tweeted the new announcement during Nick’s Marvel rewatch, so he had completely missed it. Greg Itzin will be appearing on Thursday.  He played Hain and Ilon Tandro in DS9, Dr. Dysek in Voyager, Admiral Black, Captain Sopek, and the President in 24. Mike and Nick stopped watching 24 after the second season. The two seasons with Greg Itzin as the President were among her favorites. However, there hasn’t been an announcement of Ronny Cox as of yet. Mike asked if we had mentioned that Brunt, FCA (Jeffery Combs) is going to be at STLV? Teri said that he will be performing Shakespeare with Casey Biggs and Armin Shimerman on Thursday night. Nick asked Teri about the Discussion with the Devs panel that she will be co-hosting with Risa for Trek Radio and Massively. It will be held on Saturday at 11 AM PDT in the Deforest Kelley Theater. Nick was concerned that the Dining with the Devs event would conflict with the Avery Brooks concert. He didn’t want a reoccurrence of what happened with last year’s an evening with Edgar Allen Poe. Returning to the Shakespeare performance, they speculate which play they will be performing. Deyvid in the chat room asked if it will be in Klingon. Teri doesn’t think so, but hopes that it will be in Ferengi. She goes on to say that there will be a special theatrical performance with Garrett Wang, Dominic Keating, and Connor Trinneer. Teri is pleased that Greg Itzin will be at STLV.
Nick shared some news with Mike and Teri that was posted a couple of hours before the show that he had just noticed. They were pleased, but before announcing it, Teri steps away to check on her dog. While Mike wanted explosions, Nick mentioned that Casey Biggs and Jeffery Combs love to interact with the fans at conventions. Its Mike’s first time going to a con. Nick is excited about sitting down with Admiral Ross (Barry Jenner) again. He talked about how accessible they are and illustrates his point by mentioning the time he had spent with Nicole de Boer last year. Cancergirl and Nick had discussed the possibility of her going to Vegas at the same time. Nick wasn’t sure that the convention would be able to handle her. Mike has heard that it gets pretty crazy in Vegas and Nick stated that he chipped a tooth on scrambled eggs and tried to blame Teri for it as she returned.

Teri tells us why she had to step away to check on Chloe. They’ve been experiencing an infestation of moths in her area, which has attracted Chloe’s attention. So, as she was trying to get to the moths, the cone she’s wearing scraped against the wall. Teri evacuated the moths. Nick mentions that he had received a message to their personal email accounts. He wasn’t sure if it was one of our regular cast of characters who had sent the message, or one of our listeners, but he said it no longer was funny. It was from Uggo. He read the email about why they think that Teri is on more than one podcast, and he was not. Nick shares that he now will be spending his time in the hospital thinking of way that Wes Craven can come up with their death. Teri says that’s part of his charm. Nick wonders if it was his ex-wife that wrote the letter.
CerberusFilms (Oliver) came into the studio. They try to figure out how he came in for a moment. Mike suggests installing a one-way doggie door. Oliver explains that he just wanted say hi and that it was easier to listen from within the studio. He asks to be ignored, but Teri says that he’s hard to ignore. Mike thinks the announcement for when someone enters the studio should be replaced with a door bell. Nick says that Paul (CaptPFDennis) is welcome anytime. Teri recaps what they have already talked about and moves us into Star Trek 12 News. She mentioned that there wasn’t a lot of news. Nick adds that even Trek Movie hasn’t had anything new posted in a while.  Teri asks if Calvary Expo is going on right now. Nick replies that Alex (@TheStarTrekGirl) is there for Trek Radio and is tweeting what she is doing over there. Teri would have enjoyed attending the Calvary Comic & Entertainment Expo.
Nick found a tidbit of news from earlier in the week. Leonard Nimoy was interviewed regarding the Space Shuttle Enterprise before it took its final flight up to New York. Nick tells us about the article and mentions that Nimoy’s response to a question about whether or not he’d appear in another Star Trek movie, his response was that they’re talking. Mike is pleased that he may be seeing old Spock in the next film. Teri says that he’s the only one from the prime universe that can. Nick explained that he and Quinto had become close during the filming of the first movie. Teri says that Zachary Quinto has got the right attitude for playing the role of Spock thanks in part to Nimoy who showed him the ropes. Nick wonders if Quinto will have the same difficulty, because of the career he had experienced prior to taking on the role, considering his role in Heroes. Teri said that he’s not the real Spock. She goes on to explain that there isn’t a TV show right now with Spock in it that the younger generation will grow up seeing him in that role. So, she doesn’t think he will be experiencing the same issues that Nimoy had. She expands on it by saying that although, Nimoy was in Mission Impossible, he wasn’t able to shake the role of Spock because the show had a cult following and these new movies do not. Nick says that it’s the lens flares. Teri talks about a Lens Flare drinking game, where you’re drunk fifteen minutes into the movie and passed out by the end.
Oliver returned to the chat room and mention Orion boobs. Oliver returns to respond when Teri mentions that no one sees them either, which kicks off a Teri rant about crappy 23rd century lingerie, and why other species are wearing it. Oliver wonders if it’s a contemporary Orion design. Nick thinks that everyone in that century would be going commando. Teri thinks it would be much more comfortable, and then says that for all we know Orions don’t get saggy boobs, not that the actresses needed to worry about it. Nick commented on the direction that the conversation has turned. She says that it’s something that women talk about. She elaborates on the design considerations and hopes that there’s lingerie advancements in the next two hundred years. Deyvid quotes Star Trek Insurrection, while Cushmanzadah suggest an anti-grav bra.
Nick moves the show along to this week’s Ask Dayton #26 – Undead Reckoning. Chloe approves. She loves Dayton. This week’s question deals with the coming Zombie Apocalypse and how to prepare for the inevitable. Dayton reveals his underground doomsday shelter at an undisclosed secret location. Teri shares that she would not survive. Nick blames the boots. Nick will be coming for CancerGirl during the zombie apocalypse. Teri adds, “to eat her brains.”

Nick changes the subject to the Johnny Cakes photo that Mike had included into last week’s show notes. Johnny Q has been very active in the Star Trek Online community by sending emails to us, All Things Trek, and Podcast UGC.  The chat room mentioned Johnny Quest, which prompted Teri to say that she loves that show. Nick mentions that All Things Trek refer to him as Johnny Quest, while Nick calls him Johnny Cakes and Teri refers to him as JohnnyQ since she follows someone on Twitter name Johnny Cakes and doesn’t want to confuse the two of them.
On the forums, DefCon posted some information about the James Swallow’s ebook novella now has the working title: The Stuff of Dreams. Simon and Schuster now list the TOS novel TOS: The Red Ensign by David R. George III with a release date of February 13th. Teri is pleased to hear it, since it’s been a while since he’s published something. Nick says that he’s been working on the Typhon Pact ebooks. Teri reminds him that he should share it with the newest members of our audience. While Nick looked it up, Teri knew about Christopher L. Bennett’s ebook novella and George’s Rough Beasts of Empire. Nick prompts Oliver to help fill in while he looks it up. Mike says that he’s still got the Muppet’s theme song stuck in his head. Nick asks if Memorial Day is next week. Memorial Day is May 28th. Teri says that it usually signifies the when people have the last week or two of school. Mike shares that his Brother and Sister-In-Law are teachers and have no lives until after school is out. Nick finds what he has been looking for. DTI: Forgotten History came out in May. June has Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by David R. George III, while July will see the release of Typhon Pact: Raise the Dawn also by David R. George.
Lannyism in the chat room had said “We will fight with honor. Kermit arm flail”. Mike mentioned that it was in response to a muppet appearing on Gates of Sto’vo’kor. Teri had a mental image of Kermit dressed in full Klingon armor flailing a Klingon bat’leth. Nick suggests Fozzie Bear in full Klingon armor, while Teri counters with Miss Piggy. Mike thinks that she can totally pull off Klingon cleavage. Teri thinks it would be hilarious. Nick thinks that Sam the Eagle would make a pretty good Picard. Teri asks if they’re going to be doing Star Trek Muppets. Nick provides maniacal laugh. She asks who would be Kirk. Nick suggests Scooter. It didn’t work for her. Nick thinks that Gonzo would be Kirk. Teri agreed before Mike suggested that Camilla the Chicken would be the alien of the week. Teri said that she had tried to explain to Allen about the movie, since he hadn’t seen it yet. Nick said Animal would be Worf. Teri thought Animal would make a good Kirk and offers “Woman!” as evidence, while Nick added “Green Woman!” Waldorf or Statler could be Jellico. Skeeter would be Deanna Troi.
As Nick suggested Scooter as Data, Xander entered the chat room and asked what was going on. Teri explained about the giant Muppet Squirrel that took over the show. It made them do it. Teri asked who would be Archer, while Mike asked for Sisko. Teri suggests Zoot for Sisko, because it can’t be Dr. Teeth. The chat room suggested Beaker as Sisko, but Beaker as O’Brien would be hilarious. Miss Piggy could also be a good Janeway. Returning to Archer, Teri thinks that would be Scooter, but Nick thinks he would be better served as Data. Mike chimes in with Dayton’s comment from the chat room, where he rewrote the first few lines of the Muppets theme song for Trek. That’s when Nick realized that it was the real Dayton. Teri couldn’t believe it. Nick asked him who would play Sisko. Teri asked if Beaker would play Data. Nick responded that Beaker would be Barclay. Teri’s response was that Barclay wouldn’t be in Teri’s Muppet Trek. Mike suggests that Barclay would be the special human guest on the show. Teri found that acceptable. The chat room offered Kermit as a Borg. Oliver chimed in with Kermit as Locutus (of Frog). Although, it would be great to see, Disney would never let CBS play with their stuff.
Xander snuck into the studio and asked to chime in for a moment. Nick mentions getting a new lock on the studio door. Xander loves the topic that we were discussing and wanted to suggest the stooges, Waldorf and Statler, as Q. Nick disagrees. He still thinks that Waldorf or Statler would be Jellico, while the other was Maxwell. Xander leaves to rejoin the audience. Another suggestion from the chat room wanted the Swedish chef as Neelix. Teri thought it was perfect. Nick thought that Seven of Nine would be Skeeter, although Mike suggested that Miss Piggy would have multiple roles. That’s when Nick realized that we had both Dayton Ward and James Swallow in the chat room at the same time. Nick says that there were waves of temporal displacement going everywhere. Teri’s brain exploded because this was too much awesome to handle for one Sunday morning. Teri mentions that we were planning to discuss the mirror universe this week, and ended up talking about the Muppets. Mike says that it is a mirror universe – a muppet universe. Nick and Teri liked his reasoning. Rizzo the Rat would be Quark. Teri asked about Riker, and Nick suggested Dr. Teeth. Mike suggests Fozzie the Bear with LeVar Burton’s (Geordi) Visor.
Mike thinks Dayton is going to kill us next week. Teri is glad that we got this week’s question, but blames Nick for making us think that he was late. Nick thanks JohnnyQ for posting on our forums. While he was in New York City, he had taken a picture of the Enterprise as it had flown over. Teri is looking forward to seeing one fly over New Mexico. Nick says that he’ll be posting a photo of Discovery when it flew over the airforce base where he works. Teri thinks that the Space Shuttle Enterprise should be in San Francisco. Nick wondered if Houston got a shuttle. Teri didn’t think so. Nick thought that it was a crime. Teri agreed. She then tells us about Virgin Galactic’s VSS Enterprise, the first in fleet of space vessels designed to take tourists into orbit. Mike and Nick agree that at least Branson gets it.
Mike mentions that Dayton was still going on about Muppets in the chat room. “Mahna mahna. You will be assimilated. Mahna mahna. Resistance is Futile.” Teri brings us back to our primary topic, the Mirror Universe. Teri mentions the message they received last week about the mirror universe that they decided to save for this week. Teri believed that the women in the mirror universe especially in the books were written to be stronger characters than their prime universe counterparts. She wondered what it was that gave authors the freedom to write stronger female characters in the mirror universe.
Nick redirects the question to the pair of authors in the chat room. Teri doesn’t want to hear that the reason is because they’re in a hotter uniform. Mike suggests sashes and daggers. Dayton responds that it’s because they’re in hotter uniforms. Swallow doesn’t agree. Teri offers Vanguard as an exception, while Nick reminds everyone that Teri hasn’t read Cast No Shadow. He explains that there are some wonderful female characters in that book. Referring to Valeris from the movie, she was a strong female character, but she was also the “bad guy”.  Teri says that it implies that you can’t be a strong female and be the “good guy”. Nick explains that he was referring to a female Klingon character that was in the book that he loved. Teri said that she was probably an original character, because characters like Troi or Crusher can’t be tweaked all that much.
Nick refers to St. Elmo’s Fire, and how much he disliked Andie MacDowell’s character in that show. Teri wanted to hurt people when she saw that film. She thought that it was a knock off of the Big Chill. Nick tells us that Dayton from the chat room responded to Teri’s question. He said that he writes good characters regardless of gender. Nick said that he writes good red shirts. Teri disagreed with Nick and points to Vanguard and explains that Dayton, Mr. Swallow, and David Mack all write these amazing characters, who just happen to be women. That’s what Nick liked in Christopher L. Bennett’s Watching the Clock, the First DTI novel. Teri said that the Mirror Universe lets authors turn crappy characters into better characters, maybe even how they should have been in the prime universe.

Nick thinks that the Mirror Universe allows for them to Vamp and Tramp for both men and women. Although Teri disagrees, Nick uses the character of Bashir as an example of a character who became even better in the Mirror Universe. Teri goes on to say, it’s like Spock, throw a goatee on him and he’s that much better.  Nick asked who she would rather hang with, Intendant Kira or Kira Nerys. Teri surprised Nick by saying that she would have chosen Nerys. Mike couldn’t trust Intendant Kira then added, as long as you don’t turn your back on her, everything will be fine. CancerGirl in the chat room said that Dayton just became her hero. Nick then asked about Mirror Ezri. Teri adored Mirror Ezri because she was so unpredictable. She goes on to discuss Deanna Troi who started off in the mirror universe as her mother’s puppet, but eventually finds her way and grows to become a strong character.
Nick asks about O’Brien / Smiley and whether he should have had a wonderful life in the mirror universe. The one constant in the universe is that Miles O’Brien will always get screwed. Mike said that he gets the short end of the stick, while Oliver says that it’s not Mirror, it’s alternate. They give Oliver a hard time before getting clarification. He was quoting Rom in his previous statement and explained that it’s not a mirror, but more of an alternate universe. Teri says that there are an infinite number of universes. She says that it’s more fun to read the female characters in the mirror universe, especially Crusher and Troi because the authors had an opportunity to make them stronger than their prime universe counterparts, except for season 5 Troi.
Mike asks if there are a lot of Mirror Universe novels that deal with the TNG series. Teri responds and explains that the Mirror Universe books are a series of novellas. There are full Mirror Universe TNG novels as well and points to Rise Like Lions by David Mack. Nick goes on to mention that there’s also the Myriad Universe books which contain three novellas as well. She goes on to name Shards and Shadows, Obsidian Alliances, and Glass Empires among others. She mentions James Swallow’s Black Flag story in Shards and Shadows. Nick explains the premise of the story as Kahn had won the Eugenics War and Julian Bashir had found the Botany Bay manned by Captain Sean Christopher and others who had escaped and were rediscovered by him and his crew. James Swallow pointed out that Nick got his stories confused. Nick explained it as having read so many stories. Teri encouraged fans of Vanguard to read Shards and Shadows for Mr. Swallow’s Mirror Universe Vanguard story. Nick states that the story he was thinking about was Seeds of Dissent from the Myriad Universes: Infinity’s Prism novel.

Nick blames his mood on the lack of coffee and being up late running an STF in Star Trek Online with Mike, who had picked the wrong mission in the first place. Mike said that it demonstrated how well we worked together under adversity. Teri announced that David Mack’s broadcast of the Music of Star Trek Vanguard will be posted on Trek Radio by the time this episode is posted. She’s looking forward to hearing it. Nick takes a moment to address his friends who send him tweets trying to wake him up. If he’s able to sleep and is not awake by 8:30, there’s a good chance that he probably won’t hear it. Teri wonders how he’s able to hear an alarm. Nick says that he hasn’t.

Teri asks Nick if he’s read the Myriad Universes books. Nick replies that he’s read the first one. Then, she wanted to know if he had read any of the Mirror Universe books. He had read the first two compilations. She asked about his favorite or most hated Mirror Universe character. He doesn’t care for Picard, but he absolutely adores Gul Madred. Teri found him to be a fun character that wasn’t all that different than his prime universe counterpart. Teri is interrupted by Words with Friends and asked the friend to stop harassing her during the show.
Nick finished reading A Stitch in Time by Andrew J. Robinson. He’s now reading Avatar Book I from the DS9 Relaunch. He thought it was awesome. He tells us a little about it. It begins three months after What You Leave Behind. He said the attack on the station was incredible and the surprises during it blew his mind. As he mentioned a few weeks ago, he had downloaded the compilation DS9 Twist of Fate onto his Kindle. It features an excellent introduction that talks about how the compilation came to be and each of the books in it. He’s really enjoying it. He mentions the interaction between Ro Laren and Odo. Teri thinks it must have been difficult for the author to do to bring Ro back into Starfleet. Nick says it seem difficult at all. He mentions Nog and explains that the first glimpse of the Ezri that we know from the Destiny series can be seen. Teri was pleased with the evolution of Ezri in the Destiny Trilogy. She hasn’t read the DS9 books, but is pleased with the way Ezri had turned out.
Teri mentions part two of her Massively interview with Christine Thompson the lead writer for Star Trek Online. Christine had talked about reading the DS9 relaunch novels to give her an idea of how they were going to use DS9 in the game, which ultimately led to the most recent Featured Series The 2800 with the return of the missing Jem’Hadar fleet. Teri enjoyed hearing that DS9 was her favorite series, and how much she enjoyed reading the relaunch novels. Teri had asked her if she could bring back any character, who would it be. Teri was surprised that she immediately selected three female characters: Kira Nerys, a Dax (not necessarily Ezri), and explore what happened to B’Elanna. Mike agreed that seeing a Dax in game would be interesting. When Teri asked, if she could bring back any character into the game without restrictions, Christine had surprised Teri by saying the Doctor. Mike loves the Doctor.
Speaking of DS9, someone had tweeted something regarding Sisko being a dead beat dad and Larry Nemecek got really upset about it. Teri doesn’t agree with him about it and probably never will. Nick says that he doesn’t see it wrong and that Mirror Universe Teri would have reason and logic. Teri replies that’s Mirror Universe Sisko would never leave his kid. Nick doesn’t think he had a choice. Teri wanted to talk about Free Will. Kestra in the chat room said that he did not leave his kid. Someone said that he had died for everyone else’s sins. Teri thinks he should have been able to die heroically in the fire pits. Nick didn’t like the idea of him not being able to come back in the books. Teri asks what did he do in the books? Although, Nick doesn’t feel it’s important to talk about that, Teri explains that he stays true to his character because he left her. Lanny adds that he did it to protect her. Teri said that women don’t need to be protected; they just need to be treated as humans. She said that Picard has White Knight Syndrome while Sisko was Holier Than Thou. Mike thought that Sisko seemed to be stuck in the 1950s, as seen in his flashbacks. Teri said if that was true then all of Star Trek would have been a dream. She mentions that she has seen some fan fiction dealing with it.
Teri tells us about an article dealing with Free Will in TNG that Ernie Fife from Star Trek.com sent her. It talks about the episode Chain of Command. She could find the article off hand, but she wanted to apply it to the Sisko discussion by asking, did Sisko have free will? Mike replied first by saying that he doesn’t think Sisko had a choice. Nick thinks he had some free will, when the Prophets warned him not to marry Kasidy, but when he decided to charge Dukat to knock him off the ledge, he had given it up. Mike replied that the Prophets already knew that those decisions were just one possibility. Nick wanted to know what Teri thought. Teri thought it was a good question. She wondered if he had free will at all, or if he was bred not to have it like a King Arthur type of character that is brought into existence at the whim of a higher being. Why did they warn Sisko, if they already knew he was going to marry Kasidy? Mike speculates that it could be the human side of him asserting itself. Teri continues by saying that they did that intentionally as well, because they bred with a human to make him. She goes on to say that if you don’t want to view him as a dead beat dad, then he’s a victim and that his life was never really his. Teri asks for Nick’s opinion, but realizes that he’s gone.


The chat room asked about the squirrels, and Mike says that their squirrels are patent-pending. Tribble Teri says that tribble-squirrels get all over the place. She returns us to the discussion of the article and how Picard had a lighter form of it while he was being tortured by Gul Madred. Mike saw the episode the previous evening. Nick returns in mid-sentence, completely unaware that we didn’t hear him anything he had said. He decides to leave it as it is. She is saddened because she was really looking forward to what he had to say about it. After resolving his technical issues, Teri discusses the moment in Chain of Command where Gul Madred tells Picard that he can leave; knowing that Picard won’t in order to protect Crusher from the same torture that he had suffered. It turned out to be a lie, since she had not been in danger. Teri explains that she had researched torture for her own writing and that it was a well-known mental trick that was used on people during World War II. Teri doesn’t think a lot of people who watched the episode realized exactly how poignant that scene really was. It shows what happens to their free will when they’re so manipulated. Teri’s problem with Sisko stems from his in ability to stick to the standards that he had set upon himself as a human. However, if he never had that choice to begin with, and that it was all a big manipulative plot by the Prophets, Teri finds it much easier to view him as a victim and hate the wormhole aliens.
Mike offered a question, how are the prophets portrayed in the mirror universe? Teri doesn’t recall reading about them in the mirror universe. Nick doesn’t think that they are. Teri hasn’t read any of the Mirror Universe novels to be able to answer the question. Mike recalls an episode in DS9’s final season when Bareil came over from the mirror universe. He believes that Bareil may have been one of the people to bring the Prophets over to the other side. He just wondered what happened after that episode. Teri asks anyone that’s listening that may know how the Prophets are portrayed in the Mirror Universe to let us know. Lanny in the chat room said that they’re pretty much the same except without the Sisko Emissary. From the description, Teri believes that people don’t aren’t trying to manipulate the wormhole aliens or the pah-wraiths. Mike says that they are not of Bajor.
Teri said that she and Christine had talked a lot about the STO mission Of Bajor. Christine had pulled a lot of the Bajoran Texts from the DS9 relaunch novels. She knows that there’s a lot of people that don’t like the episode. However, Of Bajor is one of Teri’s favorite STO missions because of the amazing work that Christine had put into it. Teri says that the mission is pretty easy play through, but she loved sitting down and reading through all of the books in the library. She shares some of the highlights, including the Pah-wraith exorcism. She says if you want some background into Bajoran society and spirituality, then play Of Bajor and give yourself plenty of time to read through the texts. Thomas the Cryptic Cat had created wonderful Bajoran language icons for it. Nick agrees that they were spectacular.

Mike wants to get Christine on the show sometime. Teri says that we’d have to pick a topic to talk about. Christine and her husband John are huge Trekkies. He also works for Star Trek Online in the Q & A department. Her cubicle is stuffed with books and more books. Teri says that Christine feels as if she’s the luckiest person, who happened to be in the right place at the right time.
Nick mentions Keith DeCandido’s TNG Rewatch for the Nth Degree on TOR.com. The Nth Degree is the episode where Barclay becomes brilliant, takes over the ship and takes them to the center of the universe. It came to his mind while she was talking about Christine’s cubicle as a snarky comment about Star Trek V being replayed on the TV in her office. While Nick looked up the article, Teri said that the Barclay episodes do make her laugh. Nick points out something that was mentioned repeatedly in the article and in the comments section, which was that the crew was afraid of him because he became smart and confident and no longer was the twitchy bumbling fool. Teri says that’s the Barclay she would have preferred to have seen. In the comments, Christopher L. Bennett had asked, why are people scared of a person because they’re confident? Teri agrees, that some people feel threatened by confidence and intelligence. She said that intelligent people can destroy myth and stupidity.
Keith states in the article that the original version of the script called for the Cytherians to be more menacing, but feared that it would be too much like Star Trek V. Ronald D. Moore had chimed in that was the last thing that they wanted to remind anyone about. There had also been some discussion about the God-like being in Star Trek V was a banished Cytherian. He goes on to say that there had also been a discussion about the Prime Directive, which was shouldn’t it work both ways, pertaining to the Enterprise spending ten days learning from this advanced species. The commenter went on to say that it makes the Prime Directive seem as if it’s a tool used to keep less advanced races from becoming direct competition for them. Teri said that it was a good question, one that she will tout a foundry mission for.
Nick continues with a quote from Christopher L. Bennett about Barclay and how xenophobic the crew became. It points towards the mass media, scifi cliché that higher intelligence is something to fear, because it makes people colder and more dangerous. It plays to the anti-intelligence prejudice that is prevalent in much of American society. Bennett had experienced that intolerance when he was going to school, and didn’t want to see more of it from his Star Trek heroes. Besides, it was inconsistent. If Barclay had been able to perform in front of an audience and flirt with Dianna, why was he unable to work as part of a team or was able to show respect and reassurance to his crewmates. He should have been smart enough to play along and assuage fears. Teri thought Mr. Bennett’s comment was well said.

Keith disagreed and stated that Barclay was undergoing a dramatic personality and intelligence change overnight, which was a cause for concern especially after messing with the ship’s tactical systems. Mike did chime in and say that he was a loose cannon in that episode. Teri still doesn’t like him. Mike adds that he does like that machine Barclay built on the Holodeck. It inspired one of his missions. Another commenter to the article mentions Data’s track record and then states that the crew does a good job of keeping a cool head, despite trying to phaser Barclay in his machine. They were accustomed to dealing with Q who frequently whisked the crew away on a whim, so their reaction to the situation was justified.
They agreed that Data seemed to be more a threat more often than Barclay. Teri seemed confused by Data’s innocence, even after 20 years of service in Starfleet; he still didn’t know what perfume was. Nick said that in a way Barclay was also an innocent because of his own angst. Teri added that it seemed unbelievable. Mike shares Deyvid’s comment about Data’s off switch. They can turn Data off. Nick reminds us of the episode where Data impersonated Picard, locked everyone out, and kept the crew from reaching him. Mike points out that it only works if they’re able to get close enough to him, which they couldn’t do in that episode. Nick thought the scene with Data lowering and raising the force fields as he moved towards the transporter was brilliant.
Teri takes back to the comment about whether the Prime Directive should work both ways, which she had found interesting. She mentions Alimac30’s Foundry mission, The City of the Palmarree, which deals with this same issue. Although, she provides spoilers, she recommends everyone play the mission. Essentially, the Polmarree are an advanced species that has invited the Federation to their world for diplomatic talks. They are so advanced that they have found a way to remove their planet from the galaxy. Every 216 years, they return and invite every species from all over the galaxy to their city. He linked the WOW! signal in 1997 as humanities first introduction to the Polmarree. 216 years later, Archer made first contact with them. Oliver chimed in with that it was amazing. Teri continues, as a representative of the Federation, the player goes to the City of the Polmarree, where they free offer their technology to all attendees. Because of Prime Directive considerations, you’re given an opportunity to question the Palmarree about why they’re choosing to interfere with lesser species. They don’t share the Federation’s stance towards lesser species and share their technology with everyone. The Klingons, the Breen, the Dominion and just about everyone else in the galaxy shows up for the free buffet, so what are you to do. Oliver provides the Borg as the exception. Mike says that it levels the playing field if everyone gets the same technology. Teri thought it was an interesting concept when it comes to self-defense. The Federation would certainly take the technology if all of its enemies were getting it as well.

Nick continues to read from the articles comments. Christopher L. Bennett stated that the Prime Directive doesn’t impose your will on other cultures, but instead respects their decisions and have their own identity. After a first contact, that means not meddling in their politics, or taking sides in their internal affairs, and not forcing them to change their laws or customs because the Federation disapproves of them. In regards to pre-warp civilizations, first contact would require them to change, so the best solution is to leave them alone. However, our own history has shown that less advanced cultures can thrive after contact with advanced cultures as long as the advanced culture doesn’t force them to change. Teri says that is why we still have a lot of nomadic tribes in the jungles of Brazil.

Another commenter had said that they believed the Prime Directive was to prevent the less advanced species from becoming a client-state dependent on the Federation for technology that they are unable to reproduce themselves. He goes on to say that he imagines that is what the Ferengi must do when they meet a less advanced culture. Teri adds that the Klingons as well. Teri returns to the mission, the City of the Polmarree. She loves the mission and encourages everyone to play it, so she decides not to reveal the ending to it. She says that it’s a tight story, well done, and fun to play. Teri enjoys story with her missions, and Alimac doesn’t disappoint. Mike says that he’s a great author. Oliver added that there was something for everyone. Teri agrees and says that for those who enjoy combat, there’s even some pew-pew. Oliver said that Teri was confused and got lost a lot when she played the mission, because the maps were huge and she got distracted by how beautiful those maps were. She said that she was moved by the story by the time she had reached the end. Once again, the mission was The City of the Polmarree by Alimac30 and she highly recommends everyone take some time to play it. She reminds everyone that Star Trek Online is Free To Play so you can get in game, play for a little bit, and then be able to try the mission for yourself.

Mike notices that Dayton returned to the chat room and states that they were going to try to get Dayton into Star Trek Online. Nick and Teri share maniacal and evil laughs. Teri moves into the closing moments of the show. Another fast 2 hours has gone by. Nick says that he’s slept through an hour of it. She asks our audience to send in ideas for next week’s episode. Nick reminds her that next week’s show has already been planned, until he remembers that is not next week’s show, but the following week. Mike is so confused. Nick explains that he will be heavily medicated and may only be able to pop in and out as Oliver does. Teri and Mike will be cohosting that week, and will be making fun of him through the whole show. Nick wonders how that is different than any other show.

After expressing their affection for one another, Teri moves us into this week’s announcements. There are two Impressions of Sound this week, on Wednesday and Sunday evening. Nick adds that Chris may be there to take care of him and that we’ll be able to hear her yell at him. Teri tries to move the show along, but Nick mentions what Chris had said in the chat room. Teri puts her foot down and gets Nick to focus on Impressions of Sound. Once again, there will be two episodes of Impressions of Sound this week. Wednesday 9pm Eastern will be the first. On Sunday, the other, all Muppets episode, will air. Nick asks Mike and Teri whether it should be at 8 or 9PM on Sunday night. It doesn’t matter to Teri, while Mike told him to tell him and he’ll be there. Nick didn’t like those answers, so he offered it to CaptPFDennis to decide. Oliver chimes in and wonders why he didn’t know about this. Teri decides on 8 pm eastern because it’s a school night. Nick loses it when a couple of people in the chat room ask what’s going on. Nick starts again. Finally, Teri decides on 9pm Eastern, because for her it coincided with when the Muppet Show aired. So, to recap, Sunday night at 9pm Eastern will be a special episode of Impressions of Sound featuring the music from the Muppets and their guests on CerberusFilms’ Livestream.
Teri wants to let Oliver speak now. It surprised him and he wanted to know about what? Teri reminded him about the appearance of the Guest Blog over on Star Trek.com. Oliver squeals in delight and takes a few moments before he can speak. Regaining his composure, Oliver tells us that the Guest Blog was written by Castmodean on behalf of Starbase UGC about Star Trek Online’s Foundry. Oliver created a little trailer that was included in the article. On Tuesday it was posted to Star Trek Online’s website, and on Friday it was moved over to Star Trek.com. They congratulate him. Teri clarifies it when Nick had missed where it ended up on Friday. Oliver was amazed. Teri thought that it was very cool indeed. Mike mentions that our friend Castmodean had written the article. Teri congratulates them both for their work in promoting Foundry. Oliver thanks Brandon Felczer, aka PWE_BranFlakes, for asking them. Teri suggests everyone check out the article and Oliver’s video to discover what you can do with the Foundry. Teri hopes that it will help more people discover the tool to develop their own Star Trek episodes. Oliver mentions that Teri’s voice is featured in the video. Teri appreciates that Brandon was among others were in the video.

Mike is up next with an announcement about Gates of Sto’vo’kor. This last week, they released a new episode. It’s on the site now. It’s a fun little episode that features Deyvid. Nick recommends that everyone check out All Things Trek on iTunes. Everyone says hi to Bob. Nick continues by saying that it’s a lot of fun to listen to, even when they’re wrong about some things. Teri mentions Podcast UGC will be live on Tuesday nights on JustinTV. Teri doesn’t know what Hav will have up his sleeve. Knowing them, it will all depend on what blows up in Star Trek Online and the Foundry. The chances of Hav rage will be high. Olive says that there is always Hav rage.

Teri asks everyone to join us next week, or to find us on iTunes, as soon as Mike can sit down and deal with this mess of a show. Mike explains that this week’s episode will be late due to a religious festival his family is organizing in their community, but the episode will be edited and posted soon. Just bear with us. Teri thanks him for all the hard work he puts in to make them sound good. Nick crudely describes the mess that Mike has to deal with every week. After the comment, Mike thinks he’s going to need a raise. Teri concludes this week’s show asking for ideas for Nick and Teri to argue about next. Nick asks if next week, in honor of his upcoming surgery, if they should discuss the medical personnel of Star Trek. Mike and Teri thought that was a great idea. He goes on to explain that his doctor gave him the harry eyeball when he asked if Dr. Pulaski was available to assist with his surgery. Teri was going to talk about it, but decided to save it for next week.

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Despite all this, he still finds the time to write the words. Find out what he's doing here.
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Michael Medeiros

Mike Medeiros is a great storyteller in his own mind. He’s been known to put words to page and sometimes, he even turns them into audio stories for himself, his friends and the occasional stranger that stumbles upon his stuff by accident. He has written, writes, and will write for Gates of Sto’vo’kor, Blood of the Neirrh, Star Trek: Starfinder, The Klingons of Long Island, Reality’s Edge, and Zygerus. Some of his stories and other writings have materialized on websites and forums for the G & T Show, Priority One, ScienceFiction.com, Star Trek Online, and even Star Trek.com. He’s written a few playable missions for Star Trek Online and has even had a couple of them spotlighted. He keeps saying he’s working on a novel, but is he really? A comic book is more likely. If only he could make money flinging ink at the screen, he’d be a happy camper. But, wait. There’s more. He is the co-owner of Busy Little Beaver Productions and is the producer and co-host for G & T Show and Gates of Sto’vo’kor. He’s directed voice actors, and produced and edited audio podcasts and dramas because he doesn’t have the face for video. He plays well with others and is always on the look out for the next project, the next thing, the next next. If he wasn’t working on something with a half dozen other projects waiting in the wings, somebody please check to make sure he’s still breathing. During the day, he’s a mild-mannered computer repair man who dabbles in web design in his small, rural, Central California community. He lives with his lovingly dysfunctional family and loyal canine companion and spends most of his time in the closet concocting some hair-brained scheme or another. He’s got an unhealthy obsession with Lego video games, Klingons, and Star Trek Online that borders on the neurotic. Despite all this, he still finds the time to write the words. Find out what he's doing here.

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