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G & T Show 75 – Kicking Off The New Year With A Bang!

G & T Show 75 – Kicking Off The New Year With A Bang!

G & T Show 75 – Kicking Off The New Year With A Bang! is now available for downloading. Please be sure to check it out here. Nick, Terry, and Mike are back with for the new year with a new season and the first episode. Despite a few technical hiccups, this week’s episode is jammed pack of goodness complete with a STLV 2013 Update, a new bookshelf segment, an epic Ask Dayton, Star Trek: Into Darkness Movie News, Listener Mail, Terry’s Voyager Watch, and more. It’s that time again to start Tweeting @CreationEnt to bring Greg Cox to STLV (#Cox4STLV). The Trivia Questions for signed copies of Star Trek: The Complete Unauthorized History have been posted. Also, we hint at a few things that we’re working and offer a preview to next week’s Writer’s Corner segment. Stay tuned, because this will be our best season of G & T Show yet.

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If you are interested in writing Star Trek: Online Foundry Missions, the best place to start is at the Foundry Tutorials. And if you would like to see some hand-picked missions, click on over to the Foundry Spotlight.

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