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G & T Show – Christine “Kestrel” Thompson Interview

G & T Show – Christine “Kestrel” Thompson Interview

G & T Show – Christine “Kestrel” Thompson Interview is now available for downloading. Please be sure to get it here. Nick, Terry, and Mike had an opportunity sit down with Christine “Kestrel” Thompson, the lead writer for Star Trek Online in order to talk about the game, story, writing, the 3rd Anniversary, and so much more. She even offered a question for an upcoming Ask Dayton. Please be sure to tune into a future episode of the G & T Show for Dayton’s response.

Star Trek Online

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Google+ – STO Community

If you are interested in writing Star Trek: Online Foundry Missions, the best place to start is at the Foundry Tutorials. And if you would like to see some hand-picked missions, click on over to the Foundry Spotlight.

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