G & T Show Shore Leave 2015 Coverage – Russ Colchamiro Interview

G & T Show Shore Leave 2015 Coverage – Russ Colchamiro Interview

G & T Show Shore Leave 2015 Coverage – Russ Colchamiro InterviewAt the 2015 Shore Leave Convention, the lovely Janice sat down and interviewed Russ Colchamiro. He had some very helpful advice for new and independent authors. Have a listen!

Russ pulled a bunch of books out of his magic backpack, and that included Pangaea, which posits what might have happened if the continents had never broken up. Crossline is about different versions of Earth where fate can be different depending upon where you are, and how a pilot crosses over. Finder’s Keepers and Genius De Milo are about a quest for a jar which contains the universe’s DNA – it’s a comedy as the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.

Russ has been writing since he was a child, and even wrote comic books and has also worked as an English teacher and so he has been around books and the written word for much of his life. He has a special place in his heart for the backpacking trilogy (Finder’s Keepers, etc.) as it’s loosely based on some cross-Europe backpacking he has done – although he might not have been saving the universe at the time.

If he could pair up any of his characters with a holodeck program, he immediately thought of his character Milo. Russ would love to put him on the comet tour, so he could explore and check out just about anything.

His first convention was as a comic book author in the 1990s at an expo in Silver Springs, Maryland.

G & T Show Shore Leave 2015 Coverage – Russ Colchamiro Interview

Russ Colchamiro at the Humor in Sci Fi panel at Shore Leave 2015. Image is courtesy of Janice Sanborn.

It was when the indie comics scene was really exploding. He remembers later, showing a mockup of Finder’s Keepers, and Frank Darabont even snagged a copy!

Russ gave a great piece of advice that, once the book is printed, the author has to become an entrepreneur and has to sell. This is a part of working a convention, that you need to be a part of selling the product. He learned this when he was selling Timespell – it is a rather different skill set.

He has watched how the rise of the Internet really changed the publishing business, as originally, the advantage was just to be online. Now, how do you break through the noise? Some people are great at Twitter; others are better at in-person engagement.

As for philosophy, he talked about how he believes that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be and are doing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. You are heading in the right direction if you are consistently participating in your life in a positive way. He and Janice talked about social anxiety and about taking charge of your life and working on yourself.

Please be sure to check out Russ Colchamiro online – http://russcolchamiro.com/

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Crossline for sale on Amazon
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