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G & T Show’s Book Reports for April 2013

G & T Show’s Book Reports for April 2013

New books this month:

The Original Series: The Weight of Worlds

writtenby Greg Cox


Releasedate: March 26th 2013

Star Trek: The Original Series: The Weight of Worlds

 Back cover blurb:

The Ephrata Institute is an intellectual think tank at the outer fringes of the final frontier. Dedicated to the arts and sciences, the Institute seems an unlikely target for an invasion, but it proves easy pickings when the Crusade comes from beyond, determined to impose its harsh, unbending Truth on all the worlds of the Federation. Armed with weaponized gravity, the alien Crusaders will stop at nothing to rescue the universe from its myriad beliefs . . . even if it means warping the mind and soul of every sentient being they encounter.

Responding to an urgent distress signal, Captain James T. Kirk and the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise soon find themselves in conflict with the Crusade, and facing individual challenges. When Kirk and Spock are transported to the Crusade’s distant homeland to confront the source of the invasion, Sulu finds himself trapped behind enemy lines, while Lieutenant Uhura is faced with possibly the most difficult decisions of her career.

As the Crusade sets its sights beyond Ephrata IV, it is up to the Enterprise and its besieged crew to keep freedom of thought from being crushed beneath the weight of worlds!

Additional information:


Book News


Star Trek into Darkness novelization

In late March the cover and back cover blurb were revealed. Nothing to surprising, as they simply use the first poster as the cover and the blurb seems to be taken directly from he promotionial texts for the movie.


The Shocks of Adversity cover revealed

Another cover which was revealed during last month was the cover for Willaim Leisner’s next novel, the TOS tale The Shocks of Adversity.  In other William Leisner news, go check out G&T podcast interview with him on the Supplemental Logs.

Listen, yo

As usual in the last few months several Star Trek authors made their rounds on the podcast circuit talking about ther previous stories and/or upcoming stuff:

Literary Treks talked to Tony Daniel about his Star Trek debut Devil’s Bargain and his non Trek stuff, with David R. George III about his history in writing Trek and continuing the DS9 saga in print.

As most of you are most likely aware Kevin Dilmore, David R. George III, David Gerrold and William Leisner talked to our very own Teri, Nick and Mike on the Supplemental Logs about their works.

Finally David Mack talked to The Captain’s Table about his Destiny trilogy, after they had posted  lengthy audio reviews of the trilogy earlier this year.


Beyond the Spine

Beyond the Spine is an irregular part of my updates looking at news from Trek Literature that don’t exactly concern the mainstream US novel market. This month is solely focused on the German market (I’m German, so naturally I get those news the easiest, if you have news you think should be put here, feel free to post them in the Book Report thread on the forums)   :

  • Cross Cult, the German publisher posted drafts for some more covers last month. This month for their translations of the opening duology of Christie Golden’s Voyager relaunch, Una McCormack’s Typhon Pact novel Brinkmanship and Christopher L. Bennett’s The Struggle Within e-book novella. .
  • They also posted another of their New Frontier character drafts, this time for Katherina Müller (see the link for The Struggle Within above to see it. They use those  for the books’ spines, if you want to see how those should look like with the books standing next to each, take a look at the link in the next news bit.
  • In July Cross Cult will publish Maximum Warp,  a non-fiction book dealing with the ever growing Trek novelverse. You can find more info and my translation of their promotional text here.


A look ahead


Coming out over the course of the next three months:


May 2013:

The Original Series: The Folded World * Jeff Mariotte

Star Trek into Darkness * Alan Dean Foster

June 2013:

The Original Series: The Shocks of Adversity * William Leisner

July 2013:

Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: A Choice of Futures * Christopher L. Bennett

You can find a more extensive list of things to come on the G&T forums.


Final Words a.k.a Shameless plugging

March saw the posting of two of my reviews on Unreality SF:

One for Star Trek’s March release Devil’s Bargain, and jumping franchises a bit, one for the Doctor Who eBook novella The Devil in the Smoke, a prequel to Doctor Who’s 2012 Christmas special.

Last month I announced that around March 9th there would be some stuff posted on Unreality SF tieing-in to the site’s birthday. Due to timing issues the posting of those were delayed, but stuff should be posted really soon now, including a guest article by G&T’s own Mike a.k.a. Soriedem.

Keep on reading!

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