G&T Show 186 – Mac and Cheese!

G & T Show 186 – Mac and Cheese!

G & T Show 186 - Mac and Cheese!G & T Show 186 – Mac and Cheese! is now available for downloading. Check it out here. This week Terry is away again so Jespah and a nice quiet and reserved group of individuals from Club 602 join Nick and Mike. They discuss Philadelphia ComicCon, Star Trek News, STO News, STLV, Star Trek books and comics plus Mac and Cheese! Don’t miss this week’s episode.

Before the show starts, it’s already going straight downhill as the crew from Club 602 take over the airwaves! After a while Nick finally kicks things off with introductions. First up he introduces Soriedem (Mike) and Jespah followed by Club 602 cast members Marv, Black Magnum, Chelle and Madd-Wolf.

After introductions, Coffee Klatch begins with Nick announcing that he attended the Philadelphia Comic Con where he was very, very, very happy to have met a porn star! Things move on to the Walking Dead as Nick attended a panel with Father Gabriel actor Seth Gilliam, this pleases Mike since the G & T crew usually do not get a chance to talk about The Walking Dead as Terry does not watch it. Everyone then starts talking about other TV shows they’re watching including Orphan Black, Supernatural, Stargate and Netflix marathons!

Mike confirms that episode 187 will be going ahead without Nick next week as Terry will be back in the studio. Nick then thanks Matthew Anderson for sending him a gift signed by Patricia Briggs, the comic book author. Oh MY! The show then squirrels off to, well, it just should not be put into the written word, so you’ll just have to listen!

Mike, the consummate professional that he is, moves the conversation into Star Trek News where they talk about Star Trek clothes that are now available, but as it turns out is not quite available yet since their web site is down for maintenance! Nick and Black Magnum squirrel off in regards to what’s going on in the chat when Soriedem brings the news back to the fact that Star Trek Ships of the Line is going to release a selection of prints as posters. Whilst talking about the posters the hosts stray away from the topic despite poor old Mike’s attempts at maintaining order.

The discussion then heads back to Nick’s Comic Con visit but not before everyone gets distracted by pictures in the chat room … again! When Nick finally gets back to what he was going say, he tells us that Trina Nishimura (who does many Anime voices) on her panel, had more squirrels that the G & T Show (well maybe before this show anyway!) but Nick tells about how she found out this weekend whilst talking to George Takei, that her Grandparents were in the same internment camp as his family.

Mike takes this opportunity to segway to George Takei’s “The Japanese American National Museum Legacy Project” Indiegogo campaign that has almost reached it goal with 45 days remaining. This project is, as George Takei states, his “Legacy Project” and is inspired by his life experiences and those of internees like him, where the upcoming Broadway musical ‘Allegiance’ and the Japanese American National Museum (JANM) celebrate the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity.

Star Trek books is up next with the announcement that Star Trek: Enterprise: Rise of the Federation: Uncertain Logic by Christopher L. Bennett is now available to purchase from Amazon or any of your favorite book sellers. Marv says he’s never been disappointed with any Star Trek book purchase and now Mike has told him about this he needs to go and spend more money! A discussion continues about what has happened to characters of Star Trek Enterprise and how Travis always seems to get the short end of the stick.

The next book announcement was of a Star Trek and Green Lantern six part comic-book crossover called “Star Trek/Green Lantern: The Spectrum War” that is due out in July (2015). This discussion was interrupted by Nick having fun at Soriedem’s expense for mispronouncing the word “corps” when he reads out the book’s description! Also, the fifth and final installment of the Star Trek Planet of the Apes crossover comic is due out on April the 8th, 2015. On the topic of corssovers Mike brings up the StarTrek.com article “One Trek Mind: Trek-Batman Crossovers” that looks at the two series and the actors who appeared in both franchises. Mike then moves back to Star Trek news where he talks about the April Fools from StarTrek.com that came out a few days ago.

The discussion then leads into the convention update segment where Mike tells us that StarTrek.com (not Creation) has announced that Kate Mulgrew will be at STLV. Nick says that Gates McFadden won’t be attending which leads into the conversation about the conflict of scheduling between STLV and Shore Leave plus the fact that many of the TNG cast do not seem to like Creation. The group then gets distracted again with talk about going to hell, divorces, the birds and the bees and rabbits – as you would expect, most of this came from the chat room again! If you’ve never joined us live on Sunday mornings before, you really should!

Before the show moves onto Star Trek Online news, Nick has information he wants to give TV show runners about military uniforms and how they’re worn. But instead of starting STO news the conversation took a turn towards more TV shows and food … at this point the audience will doubt Nick’s earlier comment that Trina Nishimura squirrels more than the G&T Show!

Soriedem struggles to get the show back on track with STO News and share the new information blog about the Iconians and their Heralds. He also lets us know about the three new Tier 6 ships that have been released (one for each faction). With the new Delta Recruitment event live, the STO discussions get lively again with Madd-Wolf coming out of the corner to get Black Magnum to spill the beans on the name of his new character. Mike tells us about his new Federation Talaxian Engineer he has enrolled. The crew, without giving out spoilers, talk about bugs and the workarounds they have found in a couple of the missions.

It is at this point in the show that Nick realizes that there have been a load of new people joining the love chat so he once again introduces the cast. However, it’s not long before the conversation degenerates back towards food. Mike did eventually bring things back to STO with the information that Cryptic had released the original build of Star Trek Online on the Redshirt shard.

Mike then had a STO talking point to bring to the group – Cryptic’s Al “Captain Geko” Rivera had tweeted a question: “So what do you want from STO’s next expansion? Playable Borg, cardies, dominion, level cap increase, new exploration, something entirely new?”. Nick doesn’t want to be bored. Chelle wants more levels as she has already maxed out everything including all her specializations. Mike wants an Undine ground battle zone. Black Magnum likes the idea and would prefer it to be like Bajor, where you do not know who is an Undine and who is not! Marv wants more Undine space missions. The conversation degenerates into a discussion about their desire to play the game as a crewman and having to work your way up through the ranks until you’re finally able to command a ship of your own.

After a little while Mike says what he’d like to see next and discusses it with Nick. Nick then once again goes on a rant about having to “grind” as he doesn’t want to play the game to move along in the story content; this is where Nick asks Mike about a message left on the G&T website which he goes find and then reads to everyone. Nick thinks that the commenter missed the entire point and that they should have left patrol missions out of Delta Rising. He would have liked it to be more like Legacy of Romulas where the patrol missions were their own separate track and not interspersed within the story. There was then further big discussion about all this.

As the show begins to wrap up, Mike announces that that the social media contest #WhyIGnT is closed and reminds everyone that the other competitions are still ongoing; For a chance to win Star Trek: Catan, listeners that attend conventions are challenged to get a celebrity to say that they never listen to the G & T Show. To win an autographed copy of the Star Trek: The Next Generation: Takedown, you need to be the first person that identifies Terry’s favorite scene in Star Trek: Titan: Absent Enemies.

Mike give us an update on Gates of Sto’vo’kor – they have had audio come in but are still waiting for some people to record their parts so they can start production on the next set of episodes. Soriedem wasn’t too sure about the state of Blood of the Nei’rrh as Ross has been away working, but he thinks that some roles are still to be sourced before recording starts.

At this point Mike finishes his announcements and passes the airwaves over to the Club 602 rabble; Chelle tells us they have created a new Facebook page that they want all their fans to go and like. She also says they are running a GoFundMe to get equipment for some staff. Nick suggests a G & T / 602 crossover competition to get Black Magnum to eat Mac and Cheese and Black Magnum says if they raise $100k for charity he’ll even cook it himself; but he won’t do it for less as he wants to keep to “his values”. Black Magnum said that you can find Club 602 on Trek Radio on Wednesday night at midnight and 3am Thursday morning. He also says that they can be found on iTunes. A warning is then given that you will be offended and that the show is not suitable for kids.

After many Mac and Cheese stories and jokes, we finally get to hear about how Club 602 ended up on this week’s show, lets just say they invited themselves!

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Steve Roberts (AKA MidNite Shadow) is the audio engineer and one of the hosts of the G&T Show's Book of the Celestial Template Book Club. Steve will also, on occasion, guest host on the main G&T Show. In real life Steve works full time in IT providing desktop support, creating web sites, databases and anything else that that needs an IT solution! In his spare time he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, reading Star Trek novels, playing Star Trek Online, podcasting, audio editing and watching science fiction.

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