Star Trek Product News Roundup October 2016

Star Trek Product News Roundup October 2016

Product News October 2016

During October 2016, we covered a ton of Star Trek and geek-related products. However, we might have elided over them a little too quickly, or maybe you didn’t get a chance to see the pictures?

Yet you need not worry. Because we have got you covered.

The range of products is truly stunning. And these are just a handful!

Blu-Ray and DVDs

First of all, we start off with a Walmart exclusive. And it’s a Star Trek Beyond Giftset with Blu-ray, DVD, Digital HD, and 3 mini starships. Furthermore, it’s at the excellent price of $25.96 with free shipping in October 2016!

October 2016

Star Trek Beyond Giftset (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD + 3 Mini Star Trek Ships) (With INSTAWATCH) (Walmart Exclusive)

And we’ve also got the Roddenberry Vault Unboxing Video!

So this three DVD set includes 12 classic TOS episodes, exclusive extra footage, and fresh interview with Trek talent such as Dorothy (DC) Fontana and William Shatner, and guest stars like Clint Howard, BarBara Luna, Elinor Donahue and more!


First of all, are you an athletic type? Then check out these cycling jerseys from Think Geek. Men’s and women’s cost $89.99; sizes are women’s S to 2XL and men’s S to 3XL. And personally, I’m kind of partial to this one; however, they come in a variety of patterns and all three main colors, often with a Kelvin timeline feel.

October 2016

Star Trek “Final Frontier” – Blue – Cycling Jersey (Women’s)

So, baby, it’s getting cold outside in the Northern Hemisphere! Hence ThinkGeek has got just the thing with these adorable Star Trek TNG Uniform Boot Slippers. And they come in sizes S (5/6) to XL (12). Most noteworthy, they’re only $12.99!

October 2016


And this one is quite the beauty. Check out ThinkGeek’s Picard’s Painting Maxi Dress. And this gorgeous, modest dress has pockets! Seriously, it’s hard for a gal to find a decent dress with pockets. I think I love that feature most of all. And it comes in sizes S to L and retails for $49.99. Since the size selection is limited, why not contact ThinkGeek and ask them if they will ever expand the size selection? Because it couldn’t hurt.

October 2016

Picard’s painting dress

And how about these fashion dresses if you’re looking for something shorter? Super cute and available by the end of next year, Anovos has what you need for an excellent Trekkie party. And they’ll be available in sizes XS to 2XL. $90 to preorder.

And if you’re still chilly, grab ThinkGeek’s Star Trek: TNG Scarf. Most Noteworthy: these babies are only $19.99!

October 2016


Does it come with the models? Asking for a friend

And now let’s put on some long sleeves! Because Think Geek is offering this Star Trek NCC-1701 Long Sleeve Tech Shirt. And it comes in blue, gold, and red, and in sizes S to 3XL. Retails for $39.99 regardless of size.

October 2016

Long-sleeved shirt

However, if you’re feeling warm, why not slip into this Starfleet polo? Because Think Geek has got you covered, for only $29.99. Comes in all three colors, and in sizes S to 3XL.

October 2016

Starfleet polo

However, if you’re feeling a nip in the air, you might want to put on Think Geek’s Starfleet jacket. Retails for $69.99 and comes in sizes S to 3XL. While the only color is black, there are great details, including the zipper pull, which sports the 50th anniversary logo.

Get Your Klingon on!

And then next up is ThinkGeek’s Star Trek Cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey T-Shirt. In addition, it retails for $29.99 and comes in sizes S to 3X.

October 2016

Cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey tee shirt

Cosplay Accessories

So you say you want a patch. However, you want it to come from a licensed vendor. Well, fret no longer, as, in October 2016, Anovos has kicked off a Trek patch program. Furthermore, the patches will retail for $10.00 apiece.

And check out this USS Franklin patch (Chanukah is coming!):

October 2016

USS Franklin patch from Anovos

Household Items

While books might be passé in the future, you need bookends now! And ThinkGeek is stepping up to the plate with this Star Trek Captain Kirk Bookend. Especially relevant, as Kirk ponders the Corbomite Maneuver or devises the rules for Fizzbin or thinks about Edith Keeler, this bookend retails for $134.99.

October 2016

Kirk bookend

Since you can’t just drink your bloodwine straight from the keg, EMP Museum Shop offers this stainless steel Klingon mug. Because it’s made for metal, it’s not microwave-safe. However, check out the Klingon lettering on the side! In addition, it retails for $24.99.

October 2016

Klingon mug

Careful, the salt vampire might want these! Because Think Geek’s got a starship salt and pepper shaker set. And for $59.99, you can season your food in style. Since they are stainless steel, they hold up, but the description says to hand wash only.


Because we love Eaglemoss, we can’t wait for their newest models! And those include the exclusive S.S Yorktown NCC-1717 Model, Special edition Spock’s Jellyfish Ship, Bajoran Troop Transport model, Enterprise gift sets, dedication plaques and lots more. While I was unable to find prices, the standard prices for Eaglemoss ships are in the $20 – $40 range or so.

October 2016

Spock’s Jellyfish ship (Kelvin timeline)


Action Figures, Collectibles, and Figurines

How fun! Who doesn’t love Spock with a goatee? And ThinkGeek agrees! Because they are offering this exclusive Mirror, Mirror Spock. Most noteworthy, this detailed figure debuted at their San Diego Comic-Con booth and it retails for $79.99. And he’s even got a dagger. Better watch out for Mirror Universe Chekhov!


First of all, we have’s Vulcan IDIC Prop Replica. While it’s $250, it’s also finished in 18 carat gold.

October 2016

Vulcan IDIC Prop Replica

However, if the Klingon Empire is more your speed, we’ve got’s Klingon Chain of Office. While it’s $2,000, it’s also exceptionally intricate and made to order. Furthermore, it’s a full-sized replica of the necklace worn by David Warner in The Undiscovered Country.

October 2016

Klingon Chain of Office



And then we spotted these lovely Star Trek Trillion Necklaces (Division Colors) from ThinkGeek. In addition, they retail for $129.99 and are made with nickel-free (good for us allergy sufferers) artisan silver.

October 2016

Pendants, close up

Furthermore, to match your necklace, ThinkGeek is offering these cute Star Trek Trillion Rings (Division Colors). So the stones are topaz (command), citrine (science), or garnet (redshirts!) and the rings retail for $138.99. Furthermore, they come in sizes 5 – 12. Most noteworthy, they might make a fine engagement ring for that special Trekkie in your life.

October 2016

Rings, close up

Less Formal Jewelry

However, if you’re looking for something at little formal and less expensive, check out the Star Trek Romulan Collector’s Pin by Fansets. Furthermore, it’s only $12.95.

October 2016

Romulan Collectors Pin

And if your allegiance lies with the Federation, you can get this Star Trek Galileo Shuttle Collector’s Pin instead; it also retails for $12.95.

October 2016

Galileo Pin

And how about this pin set from Think Geek? So grab some terrific stocking stuffers for $29.99 and cross that off your gift list this year.

Christmas and the Holiday Season

So it’s October 2016, and Christmas is coming! And here’s a word to the wise: get your orders in now. Because you don’t want to be left out.

And what would the holidays be without a sweater? So check out ThinkGeek’s Exclusive Star Trek TOS Ships Holiday Sweater

October 2016

Furthermore, for $49.99, in sizes XS to 3X, you can ditch Rudolph for the night and roast chestnuts in the replicator!

And when you want Trek to grace your table this holiday season, you’ve got to grab this Spock tabletop figure! So I love this one – it’s $39.99 from Think Geek and, because it’s a great holiday decoration for any beliefs (including atheists! Hey, everybody loves gifts, right?), it would be fun on anyone’s holiday table.

Toys and Games

Aww, check out the Timmy Spock plushie! And this little monkey is only $19.99 and is 7″ tall. So if there’s a young child in your life, or maybe just you, why not dream about logic?


Think Geek’s Spock Timmy Monkey plush toy

So up next, MegaBloks is selling a Kubros version of Worf. As they say:

Now you can build Your own Worf figure block by block, complete with iconic details drawn from the original Star Trek: The Next Generation® character. Featuring the signature gold uniform, Klingon warrior’ssash and Bat’Leth weapon, this collectible figure brings it back to the old school with ablocky shape and retro-fied design inspired by The Era Of Classic Gaming.

Furthermore, it’s only $14.99.

So, have you got a rainy or snowy afternoon to kill? Then how about trying the 50th Anniversary jigsaw puzzle from Think Geek? And it’s only $29.99!


And then we get to Star Trek: Attack Wing, a HeroClix Miniatures game. While the starter set for game itself retails for $39.99, there is now a new paint scheme for the Enterprise-E. Although I could not find a price, reports

…  the new U.S.S. Enterprise-E comes with a promotional code for use with Star Trek Online. Use the code included in your pack to claim the WizKids EXCLUSIVE Command Assault Cruiser, a $30 value, in Star Trek Online for FREE. Players will only be able to claim the digital version of the ship for the Star Trek Online game by physically purchasing the expansion at their local game stores.

October 2016

Enterprise-E Repaint

Furthermore, also reports on the Star Trek: Attack Wing Wave 27: I.K.S. Gr’oth Repaint. However, again, I do not yet have a price for this item.

In addition, Star Trek: Ascendancy offers a player expansion pack for Ferengi. And the expansion to this hobby board game lets you negotiate your way across the quadrant. Furthermore, Gail Force Nine will be releasing this expansion later this year (so maybe in time for the holidays?). However, even in October 2016, I could not find a preliminary price.

October 2016

Star Trek: Ascendancy

And how about the Orassin Expansion Pack for Attack Wing? Get your Enterprise on with Xindi who don’t seem to be up to any good.

Luggage, Bags, and Purses

And next, to carry all of your neat Trek merch around, ThinkGeek offers this great Star Trek 50th Anniversary Backpack. Priced at $89.99, the pack is subtle. Plus the padded interior can hold most 14″ laptops. And it weighs about two pounds.

October 2016

Think Geek’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Backpack

Or you can carry your treasures around a bit differently with Think Geek’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Messenger Bag. Put the weight on your shoulders! And the interior padded section can hold most 13″ laptops. Moreover, it costs $89.99. In addition, there’s a bit of storage on the side for a water bottle – I bet you could take this to the gym; however, it’s not machine washable.

October 2016

Think Geek’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Messenger Bag

And if you really need to haul your gear around, get a load of Think Geek’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary duffel! And the exterior dimensions are 22″ long x 11″ deep x 12″ tall (double zipper closure). Furthermore, it weighs about four pounds and costs $119.99.

October 2016

Think Geek’s Star Trek 50th Anniversary Duffel Bag

Or, Try This!

However, if you’re off to the dark side (oops, wrong franchise), you might want to instead carry your stuff in ThinkGeek’s Star Trek TNG Borg Backpack

And for $69.99, it comes with metal styling, a 9 1/4″ W x 13″ H x 1″ D padded tablet pocket and more. Weighs 1 1/4 pounds.


Google’s new Assistant acts a lot like the Enterprise’s talking computer. reports from this New York Times article, that

… at the moment, Google Assistant feels in step with Cortana, Siri and Alexa …

However, bigger things are planned. Although it’s not available yet, it’s on our radar. Maybe next year?

Furthermore, every good captain plans ahead, and October 2016 isn’t too early for you to get started. So why not do it with ThinkGeek’s 2017 Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar?

And you can boldly go into 2017 for only $14.99!


Finally, every month (and not just October 2016), we aim to bring you the most exciting, innovative, and practical or just plain mind-boggling Star Trek-related products out there. And we thank you for reading!

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