Terilynn Rants on Unoffical Productions

Terilynn Rants on Unoffical Productions

Terilynn Rants on Unoffical ProductionsNote to everyone involved with ALL unofficial Trek productions (even the fans):

Pull your egotistical heads out of your collective asses.

Over the past 6 months we’ve seen the emergence of a plethora of unofficial Star Trek film productions. Many of these projects have been in existence in one form or another for many, many years. However, what is rather new to the mix is an underlying, public, and terribly toxic tension between production teams that rivals the competitive sniping usually reserved for productions with Hollywood studios.

To say I’m disappointed is putting it mildly. The fact of the matter is, none of them have the right to act in such fashion (and by no means are they all acting this way, but I need to paint with a broad stroke here, lest some ass-wipe cry foul for being called out specifically.)

Right now, the unofficial Trek production mentality I’ve seen on social media is giving a really bad name to everyone involved with every project that’s out there. Hell, I write fan fiction and that community is nowhere near as spiteful as those affiliated with the film projects have been lately.

And what has all their fighting gotten us? It’s gotten us nothing more than added bad reputation, of course.

Today I read a comment on a Facebook post from one of the more recent projects that dared to pull the whole “but we were there first” bullshit; as if somehow that project’s longevity negated the quality or the passion exhibited by the team that created the more recent effort.

I will make this very clear right here and right now: If it weren’t for those who came before, there wouldn’t be a burgeoning unofficial community now. So yes, Phase II was one of the first. Farragut has been around too. Hell, there are numerous unnamed (and unremembered) projects that have come and gone in the decades before Continues, Axanar, Horizons, and Renegades (among others). We should all be thanking them and supporting them still!

DO YOU UNDERSTAND?! We should all be supporting all of them.

The fact is, the film projects are beginning to involve a lot of money and once the license holder begins to think that profits might be made, is the moment we’ll LOSE all of it!

So stop it! Stop dissing each other! Stop back-talking! Stop gossiping! Stop worrying about what others do and start concentrating on your own fucking gigs.

Project managers? I demand that you hold your own projects accountable and delete negative comments or project bashing on your social media sites. Publicly reassert your support for the other projects and start acting like you’re a part of a larger community and not the end-all be-all of fan productions. Because if you don’t, you’ll be the rotten tomato in the bin and we don’t need that kind of shit infecting us.

Jealousy becomes no one, especially not those who purport to be professionals.

We want your productions around. We want to support you. But if you don’t rein in your chaff, you’re risking it all for everyone.

Do you get it?!


Now grow up.


*Drops mic. Walks away.*

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