The Fan Dance

The Fan Dance


by Terilynn Shull


Computer, begin blog:

June 10, 2014

Let’s title this one, “Too Good to Be True.”

Last night my husband tripped across a post on Facebook from a fellow Trek fan that linked to a blog posted on Google + by a person or persons who call themselves “Starfleet Intelligence.”

The alleged news column (I say “alleged” because there’s no evidence of any substantive journalist integrity) contained information that CBS was in “lucrative” discussions with Netflix to bring a new Star Trek series to light.

Much of the fallacious article listed the source of said information as Larry Nemecek, whom we here at The G&T Show simply refer to as “The Trek Guru.” The post stated that it was Nemecek who spilled the proverbial beans about the negotiations and that he made these statements at the recent Phoenix ComicCon.

When I heard my husband read the post to me, two things went through my head:

1) Wow, Larry – nice scoop! and:
2) Hey! If true, why didn’t Larry even drop a single hint about the so-called “announcement” during our recent interview?

Look, I didn’t say the last one was a reasonable thought, but it’s the truth. I stuffed my bruised, fragile ego back into my ass. I just figured if Larry had snagged the huge scoop (which was entirely possible!) that he’s savvy enough to have drummed up a little more interest on his recent tour of podcasts on what he might have to say in Phoenix – even something as simple as “Hey, all you might want to keep your ears peeled as I’ll be making a big announcement at Phoenix ComicCon.”

But then I thought it through that a little bit more and realized that if Larry had received information like that, he’s not stupid enough to have leaked that information on a public stage during a convention.

If Larry had been given the honor of releasing that information, it would have been done on a MUCH grander scale! Larry never would have breached an embargo or a source. If anything, I thought (trying to give the poster the benefit of the doubt), Larry might have been misheard if he had been asked to opine on the current and possible state of Star Trek on television.

Sure enough, Larry was quick to respond to the growing rumors. He never did make any such statements in Phoenix.

There can only be one conclusion:

We all got trolled.

Big time.

Some pathetic jerk with a hard-on for wasting precious life minutes tweaking Trekkies decided it might be fun to create a bullshit persona on G+ and then post completely false information as if it had been true. He/she even layered it with a bunch of statistics about Netflix and, oddly, an extraordinarily out-of-date Larry Nemecek bio.

Look people. Use your brains. One thing I’ve learned over the past mumble-some years is that large corporations that own financially viable IPs have PR departments that monitor, protect and nurture their properties like Daffy Duck’s “happy miser” pearl-hoarder. (If you’re too young – Google it.) They’re also integrally, intrinsically and almost physically connected to their respective legal departments too.

News this big wouldn’t likely be made at an unofficial convention. If CBS were going to release information remotely this important, it would most likely be done in the normal corporate fashion: by the use of a formal press release to the major real press agencies (THR, Variety, AP, Reuters, and other business and stock-trading sites that get read by current and potential shareholders) and maybe as an immediate follow-up to a formal announcement at a licensed convention.

It has been and always will be about the money.

Fans will never count as much as the stockholders. Once you get that through your heads the better off we all can be. Corporations owe shareholders a legal duty. They don’t owe us any such thing. But, that doesn’t mean that making us happy won’t make stockholders happy. What it does mean is that the corporations are legally bound to pretty much make sure that making us happy will make the stockholders a BAZILLION METRIC SHIT TONS of money.

So if you trip across another post written by an unnamed troll, ignore it. If you trip across a rumor written by someone like me, who uses their name but isn’t an official mouthpiece of a corporation, don’t believe it until you see it from an official source. In this case –, or any of the other professional press or stock trading sites that ACTUALLY LINK TO A REAL PRESS RELEASE. Get it?!


Now – go mourn that we’re not getting any new Trek on television…

…for now.

Computer – end blog.

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