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Well fuck.

Today I read the interesting tidbit that the global computer processor manufacturing giant, Intel, has unceremoniously withdrawn its ad support from the gaming entertainment website, Gamasutra.

Gamasutra’s offense? Running this op-ed piece written by the site’s Editor-in-Chief, Leigh Alexander. Ms. Alexander’s offense? Writing a column that put forth her opinion (and it’s an opinion that I happen to share) that the industry is on the precipice of a paradigm shift. The “old reliable” market that games used to be targeted to is no longer as profitable as it once was. Not only has the market aged and dwindled in one area (males 15-30) but it has virtually exploded with older males and, get this… people with… SAINTS PRESERVE US!


Oooooooh. How vewy scawy!

Ms. Alexander has correctly pointed out that the gaming industry is changing and that, in an effort to appeal to the widest market possible, gaming companies should embrace the development of games that reflect the market they can actually make gargantuan amounts of money from… in other words, gaming developers should probably start to make games that appeal to people who wouldn’t normally call themselves “gamers.”

Seriously. That was her opinion, and for this Intel pulled its ads.

Apparently, people who like to call themselves “gamers” (which in this instance I guess means people who associate their self-worth with their ability to rapidly press an X button or WASD better than the next person) threw a proverbial hissy-fit and cried to Intel because someone dared to state that their precious moniker was bullshit in the broader market.

Someone at Intel pulled their ads from Gamasutra, and in a brewing PR fiasco, they’ve now come off looking like a company who doesn’t support equality in gameplay – games that are played on computers using their processors; including mine.

One thing that the bullshitmeisters in comment sections on any website don’t realize: There really is a silent majority.

How is that possible when they don’t ‘say anything’ on those comment sections or forums?

Well, that’s because the majority of people don’t waste their fuckin’ time arguing with assholes in comment sections or forums or BBSs. They simply have better things to do with their time – like actually playing games they love, spending time with loved ones, and working and earning lots of dispensable income with which to buy beautiful new computers that have processors in them. You know, like the next one I’ll be buying with a shiny new AMD processor? Because they don’t seem to fear being thought of as supporting the evolution of gaming that will be more inclusive and exciting for the limitless market of people who don’t call themselves “gamers.”

I think Alienware/Dell will think that sucks, cuz I was going to get another one, but fuck that, they put Intel processors in their machines.

Oh. For the record: I own and operate a vagina. I’m now a pending member of AARP and while I do tend to call myself a gamer, I’ll be happy to toss the classification if it means that more women, people of color, LGBT’s, and everyone else who makes up the tapestry of this amazing fucking planet are represented in the games we all love to play.

If you don’t like it, you DON’T have the “right” to threaten me, my family, my friends, or my employer. You can sit on it. You can sit right on it and spin.

Note to Intel: get your shit together. Apologize to Gamasutra and to us. Keep your profit/loss and revenue projections level. Don’t make me call my funds manager and divest from you and Dell and ask my friends to do the same. Thanks. Love, me.

Note to AMD: Wanna score? Place big fat fuckin’ ads over Gamasutra. Just a tip. Love, me.


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