The Fan Dance: It’ll Be a Long Road

Long Road

It’ll be a Long Road

OK folks. It’s going to be a long road getting from here to there… so just… BREATHE.

CBS All Access has announced that we’ll finally be getting a new Star Trek series! Yay!

The announcement states that we’ll see this new Star Trek series, initially on network, then only by subscription on the All Access service after that. Yay? Boo? I think Yay! I’m okay with sub services, mainly because we’ve been heading in this direction for more than seven years. I also like that it means that the show will have to make its subscribers happy to succeed – not the advertisers. Will there be ads? Most likely, but success will be more directly linked to subs than ads. Initially at least. Let’s face it, if you’re forced to subscribe for something and the ads become so burdensome, you’ll either stop paying for it, or you’re fond of ads.

CBS All Access also announced that Alex Kurtzman will be Executive Producing the new series. Yay? Boo? This point, admittedly, has generated the most concern from fans. I can understand why. Kurtzman’s name is linked to Star Trek (2009) and Star Trek Into Darkness and other J.J. Abrams’ film productions and scripts; scripts that have, in many fans’ opinions, gutted the heart of Trek straight out of its body.

However, Kurtzman is also linked so some really, really fun television shows. Sleepy Hollow, Hawaii Five-0, Fringe, Alias and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Read that list again folks. Really – look at it hard.

Those are successful shows. Every single one of them. Some of them are fluffier than others, but every single one of them have a die-hard fan following. Why? Because they contain characters that people love.

Sure, not everyone loves Hawaii Five-0. Not everyone adores Sleepy Hollow. Not everyone loved Xena. But each show has a terribly loyal fandom.

While he’ll be producing (meaning he’ll be in ultimate creative charge) he’s going to have writers. WRITERS – plural. They’re going to be making a new Trek series for a subscription service and they’re going to have to prove to subscribers that the show is worth PAYING FOR.

This is a HUGE risk. Huge. And it’s something we’ve been bitching about for years – that Hollywood doesn’t want to take risks anymore. CBS is jumping to the deep end to see if we’re going to jump in with them.

Sure, there’s lots we don’t know yet: Will it be set in the JJverse? Will it be Prime Universe? Will Kurtzman’s team truly understand that Star Trek means studying us and our current climate by showing the potential for humanity’s improvement in the future? And can the FANS tolerate a show that will be … modern. That’s right – modern. It will carry with it the sights and signature of 2017 and beyond. It won’t be 1966. It won’t be 1987. It won’t be 1997 or 2000. It will be 2017. Can the fans deal with the idea that the show WILL BE DIFFERENT from everything we’ve ever had before and can we, like we have with every other iteration of Star Trek, be able to learn to accept it and learn to evolve?

I hope so. I am so excited that CBS is ready to give Trek another try. I remain optimistic that Kurtzman’s team will keep their ears and hearts open to the TRUE MEANING of Trek and not fear making the show hopeful and positive. (That doesn’t mean it can’t be exciting!)

We’ve been waiting for this for a very, very long time. Let’s show the company that we’re here to support them and be a positive force in assuring that the next 50 years will have Star Trek in it.

Let’s see what’s out there!

Long Road

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