The Fan Dance – STO’s Crafting Something New

The Fan Dance – STO’s Crafting Something New

The Fan Dance - STO's Crafting Something New





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I knew from months ago that the team over at Cryptic Studios was planning a crafting overhaul for Star Trek Online, but to be honest, I really expected that the overhaul would be a key feature in the new expansion, not as part of Season 9.5!

Yesterday, STO Executive Producer, Stephen D’Angelo posted a new blog about the upcoming Season 9.5 and today, it was followed by a wonderful RPG blog from Commander Jenna Romaine at Memory Alpha (posted by LaughingTrendy of STO’s Community Management team.)

The posts don’t give us very much by way of specifics but it does seem that we will be seeing a large change to how crafting is done in STO.

It’s about time.

I have to admit, lately I’ve been on the edge of getting bored with the game. Signing on to complete one or two missions in order to get 40 Lohlunat Pearls from the Summer Event or even 90 or so Undine reputation marks just to turn on my reputation projects to obtain level rep for gear I don’t even use has made me feel… well, dirty. I spend less than 10 minutes in a game in which I use to lose myself. Now it’s becoming a chore. I sign in. I complete my Summer Festival event. Get my pearls. I bring up my reputation chart. I collect my rewards from the previous night’s project. I set new projects. I look for something new to do. Realize there’s nothing. I sign off.

Really, that’s how the past few weeks have been and I’ve been saddened by it because I want something more!

I’m a player that needs a reason to complete things in a game. In Lord of the Rings Online, I’m an avid crafter. I can spend hours farming hides, wood, ore and other items to use for my own crafting or even give to kin members to help out. It makes me feel useful in a game.

Some people don’t like intricate crafting systems that require lots of ingredients, but I love systems like that. Quests to collect items to use in crafting are a needed break from the pew-pew of regular game play and I find them relaxing, low-key, and fun.

I simply have no idea what the new crafting system in STO will be like. If there’s one thing I can guarantee however, it’s that a portion of the playerbase will hate it.


Because a portion of the playerbase always hates new things.

I’m looking forward to reading new blogs that will touch on the new system. I hope the new system is interesting enough to want to use all the time and is useful enough to build new items that players will need and more importantly want.

If that happens, then maybe I’ll feel useful in STO again.

Computer – end blog.

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